Monday, March 2, 2009

On Shuffle, Again

I thought I had some stuff to blog about, but Ryan said that most of my ideas fell under the heading of "too much information." Yeah, it's nice to have an external filter, since we all know I don't have an internal one... So, here are some more pics, falling under the heading of "vacation" since I am getting ready for a trip to New York, and trying to psyche myself up. All of these were taken in LA during my visit with Tara last month.

This is what happens to dragons who don't obey the code.

The entrance of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. I appreciated that the angel wasn't of the golden curly hair, rosy cheeked variety.

And I thought my childhood was tough. At least my parents didn't literally make me sing for my supper. Or wear stupid hats.

My attempt at an artsy photo of the moon from the window of the plane. Yeah, I'm Ansel Adams.

Now I am off to try on all the pants in my closet to see if any fit. If they don't I will have to wear jeans every day while I am in New York, and I am sure there will be pointing and laughing from the locals. That will probably happen anyway, since I am sure they can smell people from west of the Mississippi.

I will try to blog more before I head off, if I can think of anything that doesn't make Ryan cringe. So, maybe not.


Emily-Ione said...

My mom lives in NYC and she wears jeans - on casual Friday - so - yeah don't worry - they will all just think you didn't get the memo.