Monday, April 19, 2010

Tara the Soon to be Pirate

I know I mentioned that while Tara was here we went and got pedicures. What I did not mention is that during said pedicures the technician working on Tara got a little overzealous working on her callouses, and scraped off some of Tara's skin. Tara immediately stopped the woman, asked if they should continue with the pedicure, and was assured her that it would be fine if she put some antiseptic on the wound.

That was almost two weeks ago, and the scrape is not fine. In fact, according to Tara, it is not healed and slightly red and puffy. When she told me that this morning alarm bells started going off in my head. We've done investigative reports on the horrible bacteria that can be found at nail salons, and how people have gotten ill, and lost toes because of the infections they have gotten. I told her to go to the doctor immediately. I even used CAPS to text my advice. She was unmoved.

Tara: I think its a little infected but not that bad.
Libby: Go to the doctor. Don't mess with staph. I am SO not kidding. Can't you just go to Instacare?
Tara: I'm sure its not staph infection. There are many, many kinds of infections that are not staph. I don't have that. Plus it would take all day

Libby: Well, at least I can call you stumpy later.
I let it go then, because if there is one thing I know about Tara it is that harping on something you want her to do means she definitely won't do it. I know that because I am the exact same way. However, a little later my new found Mom side collided with my perpetual bossy side. Oh, and my sarcastic side chimed in too.
Libby: Did your foot fall off yet?
Tara: Not yet. I figure if that happens I'll save money on shoes.
Libby: Killing me.
Tara: I can also shoplift shoes from Nordstrom Rack.
Libby: Keep it up, funny girl.
Tara: And also I could get a parrot.
Libby: You can have my Mom's. But you have to take the pigeon too.
Tara: There is no literary precedent for a pigeon.
Libby: There are no pirates who lost feet to pedicures.
Tara: That you KNOW OF.
Libby: Yeah, Captain Ahab just wanted his hands to look nice.
Now, we are at an impasse. I keep picturing the horrible agony awaiting Tara if she doesn't see a doctor about her foot,
and she keeps picturing the horrible agony awaiting me if I don't stop bothering her about it. I can't really decide who's
agony will be worse.

Either way I guess I'll have something to blog about.


Anonymous said...

Tell her if she doesn't go to the doctor and dies of staph then I am claiming you as my new BFF.



Dual Mom said...

Oh this is just too funny. Not the losing a foot part but the whole pirate reference and saving money on shoes.

Very clever girls. Of course, footless people are very witty, right?

Kelly said...

I have gotten 2 nasty ingrown toenails, that required antibiotics and partial toenail removal because of a pedicure gone wrong...keep harping at Tara, it's hard to push a stroller with only one foot!

BugginWord said...

That's why I quit pedicures. Sadly, I also had to quit sandals as a result. Also, my husband now prefers that I sleep in socks.

just making my way said...

Definitely keep us posted. Then we will know if we need to start calling her Stumpy.

Anonymous said...

Oh geez. I've been trying to work up the courage for a first-ever real pedicure and now this!

I'll probably go anyway. Only because I really really want to wear my red sandals.

Aunt Juicebox said...

Ow. And um. Ew. Hopefully it's getting better by now?