Thursday, February 19, 2009

Guest Post Friday: My New Attitude

Earlier this week I wrote about my attempt to gain a positive attitude -- and I really have been trying. However, the change is not being met with the rainbows and unicorns I expected. That brings me to this week's guest posts from one of my "favorite" co-workers, Jen. Please don't hate me after reading it.

Most of my work days start with me entering the lobby of the station, walking down the hall toward the newsroom, and spotting Libby at her computer putting together the noon show. At that point I try to size up the level of attitude I am going to receive, but proceed to say “good morning” anyway. Most mornings I get a smirk and if I’m really lucky a middle finger. I think Tamara describes my interaction with Libby best -- “you’re poking a bear with a stick.” So imagine my surprise when two days ago and I entered the news room I got a huge smile and a “good morning” back.

At that moment I stopped dead in my tracks and looked around for the hidden camera. “Come again?” Libby then proceeded to tell me that she is trying out her new “positive attitude.” WTF??? Thirty four years of bad attitude and you spring this on me now? I realize I haven’t known her all 34 years, but I had gotten used to ignoring her bad attitude and having conversations with her anyway. That bad attitude has become an endearing quality for me. Kind of like your bitter great aunt that has B.O. and no teeth but you love her anyway.

I have been so stunned by the “new Libby” that for the past two days I have been quizzing her on this decision. I can’t wrap my brain around it. I actually resorted to asking her about it and got the following answers thrown my way:

“Maybe snarkiness is too popular now and I’m going against the grain.”

“I was Hair Metal now I’m Nirvana”

“Are you being Reed Cowan to my Chris Buttars?”

Look, I’m not a hater. If Libby wants this then I will support her. It’s just that my world is off kilter. There will be much love for Chris Buttars, no more worries about workplace manners, the worry lines will fade on their own and the “25 things that don’t suck” list will grow without even trying. What is the world coming to?

I just don’t know how to relate to a positive Libby. I have “poked the bear with a stick” for two days to get her to crack; and from what I can tell Libby is determined to make a change. So Libby good luck to you, however if you do find yourself returning to the dark side, I want the first middle finger you dish out.

Oh, yeah, Jen, don't worry, you'll get it...


Chino Blanco said...

Chris should resign.

Once the whole enchilada becomes available for public consumption, the country is gonna be sickened by his camera drunk performance.

The documentary is coming out in July.

It's one thing if Chris were to appear in that film in the role of a *former* Utah senator.

It's another thing entirely if the audience were to be treated to the spectacle of a sitting state senator spewing this bile.

The choice of reactions is up to the Utah legislature.

July's audience will either think "good for Utah for cutting this crank loose" or they'll think "only in Utah can a jerk like this keep his job."

It's one or the other.

And if it's the latter, it's not like Chris is going to keep his job after July anyway.

Show a little humility and bow out now, or suffer utter humiliation later.

It's up to you, Chris.

Cate said...

I think one of the signs of the apocalypse is Libby not flipping people off.

Amanda said...

Jen, it is a ruse. She will lure you in with her "sunshine & lollipops" demeanor & then attack you like a chimpanzee house pet with a BIG grudge.
Take it from me, I have known her for all of those 34 years - and a leopard cannot change her spots.

Good try Lib.