Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chris Buttars is Invincible

I have come to the conclusion that after the apocalypse is over three things will be left: cockroaches, Twinkies, and Utah state Senator Chris Buttars. He will sit in the ruins of the state capitol building, stuffing his face with snack cakes while preaching to his insect constituency, and he will still be making racial and homophobic slurs that he thinks are perfectly okay. And somewhere, no matter if I am in heaven, or hell, if I am dust in the wind, or a reincarnated cockroach, I will be pulling my hair out.

Just once I would like to do a story about Chris Buttars that doesn't involve outrage. Disagreement? Fine. Logical opposition? Great! Just not red hot outrage over something he has said that is offensive to at least half of the population. Today people are angry at him over remarks he made to a local reporter about the gay rights bills that were being argued in the legislature. He couldn't just say he was against them. He couldn't just say he thought they would lead to legalization of gay marriage in the state. He couldn't even just go with the "it's against god" argument and leave it at that. Instead he had to completely beyond the pale and call homosexuals "probably the greatest threat to America
" who engage in "pig sex."

Oh! And he didn't stop there! It wasn't enough for him to anger gay rights advocates, he had to insult members of the Muslim faith as well. He said that the gay rights movement is "just like the Muslims," claiming both have been taken over by "the radical side."

Buttars is now doing what he has done every other time he has been caught with his foot down his throat, he is saying that his words are being misconstrued, and that the reporter who did the interview is just trying to make him look bad. Um, the reporter really didn't need any help on that score. I mean, unless he had sliced the interview together so that Buttars was talking about Muslims and homosexuals riding on unicorns there is no way Buttars was getting out clean. Maybe the reporter told Buttars the camera was filled with candy. Yeah, that must be it. Because, really, that is the only way I can believe Buttars didn't have an inkling his words were going to come back to cause controversy.

And that brings me back to my original point: I am tired of Chris Buttars controversy. It isn't helping anyone, at a time when a lot of people need help. It isn't contributing to any kind of debate in a positive way. All it is is a circus sideshow that I am sick of seeing. And so, I am issuing this plea: please, everyone, let's just ignore Chris Buttars. Yes, I know he gives crazy soundbites. I know that he gives us something to squawk about, but that's all it is -- squawking. All it does is put his name in the papers, and gives those with similar views a poster boy to rally around. Maybe if we take away his soapbox his name will fade from view, and real change can finally come.

So, please, the next time you see Chris Buttars, just treat him like you would treat a crazy uncle, or a man wearing a tinfoil hat in the park: smile, pay no attention to the words coming from his mouth, and walk quickly away. The state of Utah will thank you for it.


Braja said...

Don't know him but i'll take your word for it :)

Emily-Ione said...

Wow. Just, wow.

Amanda said...

And he keeps getting elected - that is the best part of the joke. Well that & the fact that he & Gayle Ruzicka are really the same person.

Chino Blanco said...

You know it's bad when even Utah's Fox13 is calling Buttars out as a liar:

Anonymous said...

I just moved here from Austin and been so discouraged by all his vitriolic spew. I had to look around today to be sure there were more than just 5 Utahns who are appalled about all this. Glad to see your blog!