Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How They Roll

This is what happens every night in our house. Ryan comes home and lets our cat, Alice, in. Sally comes in from rolling in the backyard, and lays on the couch. Alice lays on the cushion above her. Sally sulks.

I would love to say this picture is better in the summer, but it isn't. It just happens on the back porch. No matter where Sally is Alice has to remind her that he is the boss. Yeah, he's kind of a dick... It's probably because we named him Alice.


calicobebop said...

Hmmm, Alice the Tom Cat. Sounds like fodder for another post...

Poor Sally. She suffers beautifully!

Emily-Ione said...

One of the best all time Shock ( Shlock?) Metal rockers is named Alice ( Alice Cooper anyone?)
Maybe Alice the Cat is channeling Alice Cooper?