Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trading Spaces

The Obamas now live in the White House. All of their stuff was moved in today during a six hour period while they were at the swearing-in ceremony, and the parade. By the time the new first family arrived this afternoon, it looked as if they had lived there for years, even though this morning George and Laura were in residence. Tonight Mr. Obama is probably showering where Mr. Bush hosed off this morning. That got me thinking, just how much of the stuff is actually changed, and how much is left the same?

It isn't like moving into a new house, where the only things the same are the walls, the floors, and the fixtures. The Obamas didn't bring their own furniture, so they have to share some things. Beds fo
r instance. I'm sure the White House staff changed the sheets, but what about the mattresses? Are those changed? And will Mr. Obama be resting his head on the same pillows used by President Bush? That just seems unsanitary, since I am almost positive Bush was a big sleep drooler.
Lincoln slept here. Maybe on the same sheets.

Okay, Ryan seems to think that they put in all new mattresses, and bedding, just leaving the bed frames. Actually, when I asked him about it he looked at me like I had just asked if he though Bush and O
bama used the same toothbrush. Now, though, I have another question; what happens to all of the old mattresses, and bedding left behind by old Presidents? Is it thrown out? Put in the Smithsonian? Given to a homeless shelter? Could someone made homeless by the Bush administration end of sleeping on the mattress where George once slept? I hope that doesn't happen. The weight of the irony could open a huge rip in the time space continuum.

I just hope the Obamas don't mind that the house is haunted. I mean, it has to be. If there is such a thing as a ghost there has to be at least one hanging out there. I doubt it's a past President though, they probably have better things to do. It's probably some disgruntled member of the press corps you never got to see the inside of the mansion, and is still pissed. Or, maybe it's a new ghost. Maybe ghosts are like mattresses, and a new one shows up for each new President. Oooh, maybe Obama's ghost will be Cheney. Nah, the Bush Administration will haunt him enough everywhere else. They can leave him alone at home.


Dunc said...

Out of all of the (mostly boring) inauguration-related blog posts that I've sifted through in the last few days, this is by far the best one. By far. Aside from the fact that I had a brief mental image of #43 showering.