Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Caving In

There is a virus going around Facebook. No, it isn't the kind of virus that makes your computer crash, or makes it necessary to get a prescription for antibiotics; it is much, much worse. It is the "25 Random Things About You" virus, and people keep trying to give it to me. If you are on Facebook (and who isn't) I am sure you have seen it, and maybe even filled it out and sent it on to friends. Basically it is a list of 25 things about yourself that no one may know, for all of Facebook to see. Now, there are a lot of things about me that no one, or few people, know about, but that actually makes me less likely to want to share them on Facebook. After all, I work with some of the people on Facebook, and I still care about the opinions of others.

Today was the fourth time I have been sent the "25 things" tag. This time it was sent by Susanne, which is sad, because I used to really like her. Unfortunately, now I have to dedicate the rest of my life to ruining her, because hers is the straw that has broken the camel's back -- I am finally going to fill this damn thing out. However, I am not doing it happily, and I am going to get a fucking blog post out of it.

1. I can fit my whole fist in my mouth.
2. I have two degrees, one in Theater, and one in Education. I use neither in my day to day life.
3. I am very afraid of alligators.
4. I make some of the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. Really.
5. I like eating raw pie dough.
6. I listen to sad Phil Collins songs when I am feeling pitiful.
7. I have webbed toes, but not as webbed as my Mom or my sisters. I have always been jealous of them because of that.
8. I have only been in love twice in my life, though I have tried to convince myself otherwise many times. The first one broke my heart, the second one I married.
9. I dance like no one is watching, when no one is watching. If I didn't, I could hurt someone.
10. I don't like socks.
11. I love naps.
12. When I don't want to dust, but I feel the house is too dirty I just try to blow the dirt away.

Okay, that's it. I thought I could get to 25, but I couldn't, I'm too bored. Aren't you bored? Yeah, I bet I lost you at number 9. But now I can say I attempted it, and I failed, and I am done.

I just hope no one else tags me with this thing. I am too busy forwarding e-mails about leprechauns do my fondest wish will come true in 12 hours. I mean, if I don't my head will explode. It's true -- a Nigerian prince told me.


Ellen said...

I want 13 more, damn it! You cannot consider this finished until you fulfill the requirements! I MUST know 13 more things about you!

ps... you'll be able to read mine soon... ha ha ha.

She Said said...

Well, well, well... (Say the following in your BEST Samuel L. Jackson voice) Check out the BIG brain on LIBBY.

You've come a long way since spamming everyone on facebook, warning them of all the evils of accepting a friend request from a particular person who would steal all of your vital passwords and info.

I'm so proud! *sniff*

Emily-Ione said...

Is the socks thing familial? Because your sister hates socks too.
I too can fit my whole fist in my mouth... at least last time I tried I could.

Cate said...

I never realized that you have the same taste in music as dad. Phil Collins, really? I have a sneaking suspicion that when you are dancing like no one is watching, you are listening to SheDaisy.

Kelly J said...

I disagree. Theater is an integral part of your daily life.

Lorrie Veasey said...

My Gawd Libby- who could read numbers 2-12 with that image of you fitting the entire fist in your mouth dancing about in their head?

Amanda said...

Libby - Cate is on to something.