Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why I Love Him More Than Anyone Else

Ryan and I have been looking for a class to take together so that all of our nights aren't spent on the couch, throwing things at the dog. We have discussed a writing workshop, or language lessons, or taking tennis, or ballroom dancing. Nothing has really tickled the fancy of both of us yet though, and really, what is the point if only one fancy is tickled?

Yesterday, we were in the car when I noticed a pottery studio with a sign out front advertising classes. I have always loved pottery, and my mother has all off the lopsided bowls to prove it.

"Hey, babe, what about a pottery class," I said.
"That place right there is offering pottery classes," I knew where this was going, but I had to keep prodding.
"Why don't you take a pottery class," finally came his response.
"Because that isn't the point. We should take it together. Just think, we could re-enact that scene in Ghost."
"You mean the scene where the little black things come out of the woodwork and drag you off?"

I guess he doesn't need a comedic timing workshop...


calicobebop said...

Ooo, ouch. His quick wit is to be admired!

pennytoo said...
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Anonymous said...

You gave your mother "lopsided bowels"? That just sounds painful.