Monday, November 10, 2008

Picture Pages

I have so many things to tell you, dear readers. This weekend Ryan and I went to this big fancy fundraiser for his school, and looked fabulous. He wore a kilt and I wore a dress that showed way too much cleavage and A FULL FACE OF MAKE-UP. No, really, I did. I even experimented with liquid eyeliner. Wait until you see the pictures! Oh, wait, I didn't take pictures... Okay, um, my friend Irinna had a baby, and it's really cute, and her three year old daughter really is darling with her sister. Damn, I didn't take pictures of them either... Well, as the weather has been getting colder I have been cooking more. I made stew and yummy pasta last week. Both dishes looked almost as good as they tasted, but I don't have pictures of those either... I don't have pictures of anything, do I?

I don't know why I don't have pictures of anything. I carry two cameras with me almost everywher
e I go. Both take stills and video. Of course, one or both are usually out of batteries, and normally I forget I have them until the person/place/thing I wanted to take a picture of is gone. But that ends today. I declare this "Libby Logic Picture Pages Week"! Every post must have at least one, nay, two pictures or videos! And none of them can be cribbed from the web, no matter how funny they are, or how many monkeys washing cats they contain! I will move into the 21st century, and, by god, it will be in technicolor. Who knows what I will capture. Maybe Bigfoot shops at my local grocery store.

We'll start "Libby Logic Picture Pages Week" with two things I never forget to take pictures o
f -- my dog and my nephew. We'll start with Sally, resplendent on the lawn yesterday while Ryan raked leaves.

She actually wasn't the best raking partner since she kept jumping into the piles and scattering them. She also thought Ryan was attacking her with the rake, so she kept trying to bite it. I never said she was smart.

Now, on to Luke, who has just lost his first tooth. This is a bittersweet moment for our family, since we remember when he first got those teeth. It seems like he hasn't been using them long enough to need new ones. Alas, that is the case, and while he waits for the "big tooth" to come in he is having a ball sucking spaghetti through the hole, and sticking his tongue through it when his mouth is not occupied with pasta.

Wow. One post, two pictures. This blog is getting better already. And just wait until you see what else I have in store... Actually, I don't know what I have in store. My camera is still charging.


Dunc said...

wonderful use of the word resplendent.

Amanda said...

The similarities of raking leaves with Sally & with Luke are amazing.

Lorrie Veasey said...

I have been rocking the liquid eyeliner myself as of late. Do you do the little lift at the end like Streisand in Funny Girl?