Sunday, July 6, 2008

There Were Monuments??!!?

Over the fourth of July Ryan and I went to Washington D.C. and saw absolutely nothing. Well, that's not entirely true -- we just didn't see any of the things you are expected to see when you head to D.C. Museums? Nope. Places George Washington slept? Nope. Places where laws are passed and massive mistakes are made? Not on your life. This trip was all about hanging with friends.

For those of you not related to me (I think there are three of you) I used to live in Washington D.C. during my young crazy days. I hung out with similarly crazy people, living in downtown apartments, going to hip bars, and generally acting as if adulthood was never going to catch up. Well, it did. I now live in Utah and am married to a Vice Principal, and those friends who still live in D.C. have all moved to sensible homes in the suburbs. It doesn't mean they are any less crazy though.

Take for example Blauren and Lill (names have been changed to protect the outwardly respectable). They now live in a nice home in northern Virginia with their beautiful daughter Claire. But while they may be in the suburbs they definitely aren't of them. Lill was still more than willing to stay up all night drinking vodka tonics, getting Ryan drunk, and telling about his chipmunk shooting adventures.

Blauren may have consented to decorating Claire's stroller for the fourth of July parade -- but only if we could use the plastic paratroopers to "show our support for the troops." Also, she had no problem plopping the tot in a large Tupperware container when we decided a kiddie pool would be fun on such a hot day, but then realized we didn't have one. And the Tupperware was great. Not too big, not to small, and Claire loved it once we got the water warm enough. She was actually upset when we tried to take her out because the water had gotten just a little too yellow... She was happy just doing her little wiggle dance and splashing around. No, Martha Stewart would not have approved, but Ryan has never smiled at Martha Stewart the way he smiled at Claire. That baby had him wrapped around her finger. Well, actually it was his beard wrapped around her fingers as she pulled, but he didn't seem to mind.

Misty and Handrew have settled a bit more into the suburban lifestyle, but they moved to Maryland, so it was kind of required by state law. However, despite the near perfect (and I mean, near perfect, these things are gorgeous) flowerbeds, and the new Lexus, they are still as goofy as ever. Handrew could not go ten minutes without wrestling with one of the dogs. And he very excitedly showed us his latest counter culture discovery, a magazine for the "modern Jew" called Heeb. He won't let Misty throw any of them out, no matter what is on the cover.

Misty has always been the most respectable of all my friends, and at the same time the most subversive. She took us to one of the nicest restaurants in Bethesda, but then pointed out all of the older men with plastic women, as well as all of the truly tragic fashion mistakes. The suburbs haven't changed her at all.

The best thing about seeing my friends is not only knowing that they haven't changed, but also that we haven't changed. We live thousands of miles apart, and see each other next to never, but we always pick up exactly where we left off. They have even welcomed Ryan in a way I never could have expected. I mean, I don't want to be too bold, but I think he and Lill have big ole' man crushes on each other. And he can't stop talking about wanting Misty and Handrew to come out and go fly fishing.

So, screw the sights. I saw all the history I wanted to see, and it makes me look ahead to a long future with good friends.


calicobebop said...

Sounds like a much better time than I had in DC!

Amanda said...

You lived in DC?

Emily-Ione said...

Is that where you went?
I thought you were just trying out being in a commune.