Monday, December 3, 2007

The Official LibbyLogic Non-Lame Gift Guide: Part II

Today we focus on the men on your shopping list, be they husbands, fathers, brothers, boyfriends, buddies, or guys you have to stay 500 feet away from due to a restraining order. Although, really, isn't following the restraining order gift enough?

Men are notoriously hard to buy for unless they fall into the stereotypical jock, nerd, outdoors man, handyman categories, or unless they have a weird hobby like model trains or stock car racing. Looking over other gift guides out there this year I have found them strangely lacking. I mean, giving someone a pen with a clock in it is cool for one year, maybe two, and then it just gets old. So, here they are, the gifts to give to the man in life, if you want him to continue being the man in your life. If you don't -- get him socks.

Who would love it: Any man who knows how to read and cares at all about what is going on in the world.

Why it's a good gift: It's a gift that says "I know you're smart, but you don't want to deal with the pressures of being smart every day of the week. So, here, just be smart on Sunday." Also, it's a gift that will make them remember you every week, and feel bad if they haven't spoken to you lately.

Personalized Hoodie $50

Who would love it: Guys under 40, conceited guys of all ages.

Why it's a good gift: It shows you put time and thought into a gift -- rather than just picking up a hoodie at Old Navy the night before. Also, it's something no one else will have. Yes, others will have hoodies, and some may even be personalized, but I know my husband will be the only one with "Big Papa Smurf" emblazoned across his chest. Unless one of you steals my idea.

Oh, you better not.

Bourbon Price varies

Who would love it: Guys who drink, guys who entertain, guys who like to look sophisticated and realize an appletini just isn't cutting it.

Why it's a good gift: It's booze, and good booze at that. Even if they don't drink it they can share it with friends or re-gift it. It tells them you think they have the class and panache to appreciate the good stuff -- even if you know they secretly drink Zima in the basement. Plus, you can get a bottle of pretty good bourbon in a bottle that looks really expensive for less that $30. Oh, and if you're really nice they might share.

Boom by Tom Brokaw $28.95

Who would love it: Readers, history buffs, politic buffs, news buffs, your Dad, my Dad, anyone's Dad.

Why it's a good gift: I usually try to steer away from giving books as presents since tastes vary so much. However, this is a good general interest book about a period of history that pretty much interests everyone alive today. Even those people who spent the sixties grousing about "dirty hippies" will enjoy reliving their past prejudices. Also, Brokaw is a really good writer, and I hear this book isn't as pandering as the one about World War II.

Santoku Knife $35

Who would love it: Anyone who cooks, anyone who likes to cut stuff without breaking a sweat or using their teeth.

Why it's a good gift: I knew this gift had to go on the list when I saw the gleam in the eye of my friend Ben. He said, and this is not a direct quote, but I think it's close: "This knife is the best knife ever." I would have to agree. It doesn't get dull, it cuts perfectly so matter what you are cutting, and it's pretty.

Of course, there are other items out there men of all ages and typoes might enjoy, like car emergency kits, and flashlights, and all in one pocket tools, but those were just a little to lame to make it into the top 5. I think I've picked some real winners, but, of course, I don't have a penis, so who knows.

Best of luck finding the perfect gift.


mom said...

Am I supposed to add these things to the list you already gave me?

Amanda said...

Should we worry about the guy with the Meat Packing District shirt?