Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Official LibbyLogic Non-Lame Gift Guide: Part I

It is once again that time of year when we show people just how much they mean to us by buying them things they probably don't need, or deserve. Magazines, newspapers and the Internet are all full of lists proclaiming the best gifts for everyone from your husband to your dog walker, although, let's face it, most of them are pretty lame. I mean, how many people are really wishing for Leatherman tool sets, CD players that look like old fashioned radios, and scarves that appear to be made out of dryer lint? Never fear though, for I have come up with a series of gift guides that will help you navigate the treacherous world of Christmas shopping, without having all the people on your list thinking you had a coupon for Sharper Image. We'll start today with the most important person on your list: me. Of course, I realize that many of you might not be buying presents for me (which really is kind of selfish), so these gifts are also perfect for people like me -- funny, hip, and pretty much the coolest person you know.

Monkey Portraits by Jill Greenberg $17.99

Why I want it: A fine art photographer took pictures of monkeys and turned it into a book. What's not to love?

Why it's a good gift: Buying books as presents is always risky, especially if you are buying for an avid reader. However, arty picture books fit every taste. Oh, and everything is funnier with a monkey.

Octopus Pendant $30

Why I want it: I don't really like jewelry. It's usually uncomfortable to wear and looks like the stuff everyone else is wearing. However, this piece is small and very different, which makes it perfect.

Why it's a good gift: It's unique, and it's jewelry, which is usually a crowd pleaser. The site also features cuff links with octopi for the fashionable man. Plus, it's from Etsy, so everyone will think you are awesome for
buying Indie.

Cashmere Wrap $128

Why I want it: I work in an office that is always freezing, no matter what the temperature is outside. However, I feel pretty silly looking wearing a jacket indoors, and cardigans just scream librarian. This is soft, warm, and oh, so pretty. It may be a bit pricey, but don't I deserve the best? If you feel the answer is no, Nordstrom Rack sells a knock-off version for $20 which would do just fine.

Why it's a good gift: It is a piece of clothing that goes with anything. You don't have to know the size, or worry about if it will match other clothing. Also, it's cashmere. Who wouldn't love cashmere? And if they don't love cashmere why are you associating with this person?

Yerba Mate tea $6.95

Why I want it: In my early days in television I pretty much burned a hole in my stomach by drinking ten or more cups of coffee a day. Now, in my dotage I can have about a half a cup before I'm doubled over in pain. However, my hours necessitate the use of caffeine, and normal tea just doesn't cut it. Enter Yerba Mate. It has caffeine, but isn't acidic, so I can drink it without wanting to die. Also, it doesn't give me that "I'm shaking so hard I might start losing extremities" feeling I used to love from coffee. It's just a nice mellow burst of energy.

Why it's a good gift: It's organic, it's fairly
traded, it's delicious, and it's healthy. One cup of Mate has more antioxidants than 10 cups of green tea. And the company spends part of it's profits to save the Rainforests. So, really, you're just a bad person if you don't buy it.

News Radio: the 4th Season $40

Why I want it: This was, quite possibly, the funniest show ever on television. I mean, better than "the Simpsons" and "30 Rock." Yes, sometimes I wondered how they ran a 24 news station with only six people, but the humor made up for it. Since I already have the first three seasons, and the death of Phil Hartman turned the fifth season into a sad, sad joke, the fourth season the best option.

Why it's a good gift: For those in the know this show is a cult classic, and for those who aren't in the know it will be a welcome surprise. Also, I like giving TV shows on DVD because it only take a half hour to watch -- and few people I know can sit still for longer than that.

So, there's a short list to get you started. Of course, gift certificates for pedicures (no massages, I don't like to be touched that much), bottles of wine, and cold hard cash will also put a smile on my lips and a song in my heart. Now, get out there and get shopping.


Amanda said...

To whom do I call dibs on a gift from this list?? Cate, Ryan, Dave - any of Libby's friends - if you are reading this & thinking "hmmmm - good gift", e-mail me first.