Saturday, December 1, 2007


We woke up this morning and it was winter.

Yesterday it was warm enough that I was wearing Crocs and no coat, but overnight someone obviously decided that was not appropriate for December and decided to do something about it. We must have gotten at least eight inches of snow at our house, and we don't live on what is considered the "benches." Those people really got screwed.

Now, as with any snow storm two things instantly happened -- our power went out, and Sally started banging herself against the door wanting to go outside to play and eat as much snow as she could. Since I make it a rule not to get up before 10 on days I don't have to work that job fell to Ryan. He bundled up and took her down to the school, where dozens of dogs were doing their snow dance, and where Sally got thoroughly soaked and frozen. Of course, when she got home the one place she wanted to be was the warmest place in the house, and since the power was out that was the one place human heat was accumulating -- our bed. So, that's how I got up this morning, with a wet dog throwing herself on top of me. It really isn't as fun as it sounds.

Eventually Ryan and I decided we had to brave the storm to go in search of burritos. Now, the burrito place is only four blocks away, so we really could have romped through the snow, singing carols and throwing snowballs, but you have to remember that snow is cold, and I don't really like trying to eat a burrito with fingers that are like ice. Yes, I know gloves exist. I just hate them. So, I convinced Ryan we should drive so I could go run errands afterwards. However, what we did was really more like luging than driving, but without the condom like body suits. The streets had been plowed, but the snow was falling so fast it really didn't make a difference. By the time we made it to the restaurant we could have walked there, decided we didn't like what we were wearing, walked home, ironed something, changed and walked back. We did arrive warm though, which was a plus.

After we had filled our bellies with rice, beans and tortillas Ryan and I decided it really was no day for man or beast to be out and headed home. Yes, I know, we drove there so I could errands, but if you don't know I'm a big liar and quite lazy by now you haven't been reading this blog very long.

So, now here we are, sitting at home, drinking tea, and watching the storm taper off. Once it stops I'm sure we'll start feeling like we should go out and pick up the dry cleaning, or do Christmas shopping, or bundle up and throw snowballs at Sally, but right now it's nice to be in our little cocoon, surrounded by a storm.