Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cemetery Visit

I love cemeteries. It's strange since the very thought of my death, or the death of anyone close to me, or death in general, can send me spiraling into a panic attack. Strangely enough though, whenever I am in a cemetery I don't really think about death. I don't even think about Morrissey. I just enjoy the quiet.

When we were in Boston I had one day completely to myself when Ryan had a conference. First, I was planning to do a total day of pampering: get my hair cut, get my nails done; all the things I can't do with a toddler hanging from my wrist. Then my "tourist's guilt" got the better of me though, and I decided to hit the sites. I was going to go to museums, and maybe see the Freedom Trail for the thirtieth time in my life. Then I remembered something very important about myself: I don't like crowds, especially when I am alone in the middle of them. Unfortunately I didn't realize it until I was stuck in the middle of people dressed in colonial dress, and people in tourists wearing "Bah-stan" t-shirts, but I did realize it before I starting involuntarily yelping and swinging my arms. I got out my phone, and googled "hidden Boston." At the top of the list was my destination: Mt. Auburn Cemetery.
That girl? Over there? She was the only other person I saw there for three hours.

Tons of wildlife. I tried to get a good picture of these wild turkeys, but didn't want to get too close in case I became the "woman who went to a cemetery and then was ironically killed by turkeys."

A fresh one. I didn't step on it in case a zombie hand was waiting.

Hawk eating a squrriel. Once again, didn't get too close.
I figured the turkeys not killing me was favor enough for the day.

It looks even weirder in person.

Seriously, if you are ever in Boston, you need to check Mt. Auburn cemetary out. It's gorgeous, and it fulfills the requirement of seeing historic sites -- without having to deal with anyone wearing a tri-cornered hat. Oh, and it's free...

Remember, though, don't get too close to the turkeys.


Anonymous said...

Sure, you didn't think of Morrissey until he jumped out from behind a headstone to wish you an unhappy birthday and sing some frightening verse he wrote for a bucktoothed girl in Luxembourg.

LL Cool Joe said...

I once had a picnic with my mother in a Cemetery. We had no idea we were in one until a line of hearses arrived. I felt a bit sick then.

Gina said...

I like old cemetaries too. Except for that one where I once found a random bone. I didn't like that one.

Amanda said...

Mom should be proud.

Anonymous said...

Are you studying to be a ornithologist or something?

I like cemeteries too. My Dad liked to take us to cemeteries while on vacation. Famous dead people.

Riot Kitty said...

That sphinx does look weird. I am glad you didn't get attacked by turkeys!

Anonymous said...

This is something we have in common. I always ran in our cemetries at home. Always had a sense of calm....quick an odd juxtaposition.