Monday, April 30, 2012

Immature Humor

My husband is ten and a half months younger than me. 

That's nothing. On the cosmic scale we are the exact same age. And when it comes to maturity? He is sooo much older than I am. 

Still, he will never let me forget those ten and a half months. 

Some of the time it's in sneaky ways. He will be talking about what he wants to do when he turns 40 (dive an iceberg), and then in the sweetest voice possible will say "well, we really should talk about what you want to do, since you turn 40 first." Other times it will be more direct. For instance he may tell someone that we just met "I am much, much younger than my wife." 

Then there are the times he is so stealthy about it I barely even notice it. 

We both have iPhones. We both have keep them in black cases, because we have a toddler who likes to drop things, and I got a deal on them. This has led to both of us accidentally taking the other one's phone while rushing out the door, which leaves him unable to check his schedule and me unable to easily check Twitter. You can see the problem. The solution we came up with? Stickers. Just glancing at the back of the phone lets us both know who's is who's. Ryan picked the stickers from the hoards that have taken over our house since Meg was born. This is mine:

This is his: 

Get it? 

Maybe I am older than him when it comes to maturity after all... 


gretchen said...

You are HI-LAR-ious! my hub does the same to me.... in fact just this weekend he tried to make me even one more year older than him, but that is an entirely different problem! Thank you for all your beautiful words, i love reading your blog! GW

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm about a year and a half older than my partner, and I'm constantly reminded about it. We do not have matching iphones or sweaters....yet.

Amanda said...

Okay Libby, I am only saying this one more time - turning 40 is not the end of the world. You youngins need to realize that.

Also, until you are dating someone who was entering kindergarten the same year you graduated from high school, you cannot be called a cougar. Sorry, Ryan.

Anonymous said...

My husband is two years younger than me. Well, technically he's one year, 342 days younger than me. Which means that for about three weeks out of the year there's only a one-digit difference in our age. He likes to use this magical time to tease me.
Although in return, I have full exclusivity on the term "I feel old" in our household.
If I were you, I'd negotiate that. Totally worth it.

Riot Kitty said...

Mr. RK is six years older than me, which is no big deal, but I always tease him because he was graduating from high school when I was 12.

Kelly said...

My husband is 15 years older than I am. He gets shit all the time, but often he just falls into it.

Like when his AARP card comes in the mail. Or when he tries to talk about a song that he likes, and says something like, "You remember when that came out right, (in 1977 when he graduated from High School)?"

No Dear, I was only 3, and my sister wasn't even born yet.

Gina said...

My husband is nine years older than me, and I like to call myself his trophy wife.

Rassles said...

You're a total cougar. I can feel that about you.

Anonymous said...

I am several years older than my husband but decades more immature.