Sunday, October 16, 2011

At Least Her Breath is Fresh

Meg is obsessed with Tic Tacs.

She loves the taste of them (as long as they aren't the white mint; she says those are "spicy").

She loves the way they crunch under her tiny teeth and color her tongue any number of neon shades.

She even loves the way they rattle in the box -- a sound kinds like a hard shelled insect -- letting her know she is just seconds from her favorite one and a half calorie treat.

I have taken stocking several boxes of Tic Tacs in my purse for Meg related incidents. A long line at the grocery store? Tic Tacs. Driving and don't want her to fall asleep? Tic Tacs. Her haircut? Brought to you by the letter T for Tic and/or Tac. Honestly, I now buy them three packs at a time, which I'm sure leaves the checkers wondering if I am a closet smoker or habitually twitchy.

Of course, Meg wants Tic Tacs outside of Megerencies. She wants them ALL THE TIME. Because she knows I am not gving out Tic Tacs willy nilly she has gotten tricky in her tactics. She'll make a blanket statement like "I need something in your purse" as she digs though, pretending she wants to balance the checkbook while scanning for her true desire. Once she saw me looking at the ingredients on the back of the box and I told her what I was doing. Now, sometimes she will ask to see the Tic Tacs to "see what's in there."

Thank God I didn't try bribing her with Snickers. She'd be 100 pounds.

I wonder if there is such a thing as breath mints anonymous. Oh, and if they take toddlers.


missohkay said...

I had that disease (which we called TicTac-titous) in about Fifth Grade. Orange and light green were my downfall. But I'm pleased to report that I've grown out of it, so there is hope for Meg.

Patty O. said...

This is fantastic! I'm thinking of starting to carry them around for my toddler. I need something to help keep him calm in long lines, etc. Maybe then I can wean him off the M&Ms that I've been using....

Ashley said...

I remembering thinking white Tic Tacs were also "spicy" along with mustard, cinnamon,and anything mint.
Maybe you can teach her tricks? Like she can have another one but first she has to balance it on her forehead for three minutes. Or she has to keep it pinched between her upper lip and nose longer than you.

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh I remember the days of carrying around something in my pocket for emergencies, often used to keep a hyperactive child quiet in church. I don't wish to go back to those days.

My 13 year old loves Tic Tacs too, even the white ones.

Granny Annie said...

Have you offered her two at at time so she can click them together in her mouth. Okay, okay, I won't suggest it...just sayin'

Anonymous said...

This is further proof that Mea and Meg are in some way related. Mea LOVES TicTacs, she prefers Orange, but any but the spicy white ones will do. She also says they are spicy. This kind of cracks me up, because she will eat Altoids by the handful.

If you do not stop the purse pilfering now, it will still be a habit when she's 19, only she'll be robbing you of all cash and credit cards. :) Been there, done that.

Anonymous said...

Hubby STILL has that disease. Maybe he'll see Meg in TTA.

And the white ones are spicy.

Anonymous said...

Is she like Monica from Friends and insists on only eating them in even numbers?

Now seriously, your kid is adorable.