Monday, October 10, 2011

One Track Meg

You may have noticed I haven't been blogging all that much lately.

It isn't that I haven't had anything to say. It isn't that things haven't been going on in my life that are funny, or interesting, or scream BLOGWORTHY. It's just that all of those things center around one topic, the topic that currently rules my life: Meg.

It's not that I dislike telling stories about Meg. Ask anyone who works with me, or is friends with me, or runs into me in the wine store, and they will tell you that it is impossible to say hello, or excuse me, or will you move your cart it's blocking the chardonnay, without hearing at least three Meg tales. And it's not that I think you don't like hearing about Meg, I know you do. I know that every last one of you waits with eager anticipation for the next story about the most perfect child in the world. RIGHT? Of course right.

I could fill pages right now with stories about my life with Meg. About how I love talking to her, and laughing with her, and singing along to "Bohemian Rhapsody" with her. About how I love butting heads with her over things like whether or not she can wear a necklace to bed, and just how many tic tacs she can have in one sitting. About how I love that when she says she wants "something" I can usually ascertain what it is immediately just by how she says it.

However, in order to do that I would have to admit to the world that my life is now controlled by a two year old.

That just seems so ordinary.

I mean, there are at least 50 blogs I think of right now where you can get that. I'm sure there are millions more too. They are, for the most part, very good blogs. They just aren't ever what I thought this blog would be. What I wanted it to be. What it is now.

I hope to get back to the other parts of myself. The die hard liberal (hi, George!). The diet challenged wanna be foodie who just can't pass up Kraft mac and cheese. The sarcastic cynic who wants to scream when she sees the current state of society (Courtney Stodden, what, not who the fuck is that?).

Until then though, I hope you all stick around. Oh, and that you really like pictures of an overlord disguised as a toddler.

Damn she's cute.


msprimadonna67 said...

Oh man, that's an adorable picture!

G said...

Best post that I've ever read that someone put up as to why they took a well deserved hiatus.

Incredibly cute kid.

Granny Annie said...

Please stay with tales of Meg. Enjoying her is a totally bi-partisan activity.

Anonymous said...

She sure is cute. You are SO SCREWED!! ;)

Anonymous said...

If you are one track Meg, I am one track Mea. When you have kids as cute as ours, what can you do?

Anonymous said...

I totally understand. You are blessed with a wonderful little person in your life and you should choose that over blogging or even blogging about your life with her. These are the precious golden years that slip away faster than you can ever try to memorize them. Enjoy that girl and write when the spirit moves you.
P.S. I figured out how to comment here! I am so excited. (Middle State a.k.a. MomZombie.)

Riot Kitty said...

She's adorable! And you're not like the 50 other blogs, so keep at it ;)

Anonymous said...

But she's so cute!
I don't blame you at all for having a one-Meg mind.

Kelley said...

I love reading what you write! It can be about Meg or anything (but Meg stories and Meg pictures are soooooo cute!!). Just don't go away!

youwannawhat said...

I see the dilemna...but still love reading whatever you write. And Meg, well, you don't get much better writing material than her!

LL Cool Joe said...

Actually I always thought your blog was a good balance.

Also it's your blog, you should write whatever you want to write about. Plus the other 50 blogs you mentioned may be talking about the same subject matter, but you just do it that much better!

And Meg is only the star she is today, because you describe her and your life together so beautifully. :)

jacob neruda said...

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Ashley said...

I don't have children and so I like to read stories about fun beautiful kids that aren't on crack like most of the ones in my neighborhood. She is so freakin' cute!