Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where is She?

I have a list of questions in the back of my head at all times. I call it my "St. Peter Questions."

These are the questions I would like answered in the event of my death, if heaven actually exists and I actually end up there. Most of them are garden variety: what is the meaning of life, what kind of joke is giving me non-functioning reproductive parts in a world where Duggars exist, and is there any way "Jurassic Park" could be scientifically accurate. Not surprisingly, there are also questions on the list that have to do with news; after all, I've been practically breathing it for 20 years. Deep throat's identity used to be on the list, until he outed
himself. What happened to Elizabeth Smart used to be on the list, what happened to Jon Benet Ramsey still is.

And then there is a question of Susan Powell.

For those of you not in Utah, or who don't have to watch the Today Show (lucky), Susan Powell disappeared from her home almost two years ago without a trace. The consensus is that that her husband killed her and buried her somewhere in the desert where he claimed he was "camping" at the time of her December 2009 disappearance. Of course, if that is the case, the mob might want to hire him because apparently he is a criminal mastermind. Cops have combed his house, and his car, and his father's house, and everywhere else they can think of and have turned up NOTHING. Oh, and we know they have found nothing because every time the police are about to find is they have called the media.

In the past month they have led three media goose chases, making sure camera were there when they went into caves, or dug in fields, or took items of out homes. So far, the biggest discovery has been some burned wood and a spot where cadaver dogs think they smell human remains. Either that or burned hot dogs someone buried after a camp fire. Dogs do like tube meat.
I will give you a dollar if you know where she is.

I really hope to take Susan off of my SPQ list soon. Not just because I'm worried I won't have time to ask St. Peter all my questions if she stays on the list either. Also, not because I feel like I should apologize to my viewers when I tell them we will bring them something new in the Susan Powell case and then report on burned wood. The reason I hope it comes off my list is because I am sure her family would also like the questions about her disappearance answered, and most likely before they are dead. Probably even more than the "Jurassic Park" question.

I said probably.

I mean, that is a really good question.


Tracy Lynn said...

The Powell case is pretty big here in Washington too, since his family is her and so is hers. In fact, they are both in the same small town, so there are regular run ins and sessions with the media.
It just makes me sad that her boys won't be able to know their mom.

Granny Annie said...

We will eventually learn the answers to this question and hopefully her parents will be alive to know what happened to this beautiful girl.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

I had not heard of Susan at all, so thanks, that is really interesting and sad. I felt the same way about Elizabeth Smart at the time, and I was DUMBFOUNDED when she turned up alive. I hope someone finds out what happened to Susan. Ugh, sometimes this world is a horrible place.

Anonymous said...

These stories always just break me a little. I am currently reading Jaycee Dugard's memoir, "A Stolen Life."

I just makes me sad, but proud of them for their strength and courage. I always hope for the best in these abduction cases. Always the best.

Jen Has A Pen said...

You won't be shocked to know I'm not a big follower of the news outside of what Jon Stewart tells me. But, I am always devastated by these "her husband did it" cases. In any case, I just hope those who love the victims get some stinkin' answers. So sad.