Monday, September 19, 2011

Not a Paid Endorsement

If you have a child, and that child has a nose, chances are right now, or in the very near future, you will be dealing with snot.

Sorry. There's no way to sugar coat it.

Cold season is coming, or in our case, is already here. Meg's nose started running Saturday afternoon and by yesterday had turned into a full on faucet. I'm home with her today because she didn't sleep at all last night, waking up every hour to cough or just breathe, despite the Vicks Vaporub we smeared all over.

The one saving grace in all of this? Boogie Wipes.

Really, these things are magic. They say they are just saline and vitamin E, but there has to be some magic in there too. They probably just can't put it on the label because of the FDA.

My Mom found Boogie Wipes last year when Meg was in the throws of last year's cold season. At first I was not so sure. Actually, I was bitchy. I figured my Mom had been suckered by a nice package with a catchy name when a wet paper towel or a baby wipe could do the same thing.

I was wrong. The fact these wipes are so great though actually makes me okay with admitting it.

All Moms know the super crusty, after nap, so gross you want to run face. There were times when I saw it on Meg I thought the only answer was alcohol. Not to get the snot off, but just so I could look at her. Boogie wipes made short work of it.

Oh, and not only do they clean off the snot horror? They do it without leaving the dried chapped skin horror behind. I think we all know what baby wipes can do to a baby face. There was a point last winter when I really worried Meg would actually be scared for life. That was before Boogie Wipes.

And no, I am not being paid by Boogie Wipes. Really though, I 'm flattered you think that many people read my blog. I just figure I found something that works, so I would share -- even if it has a stupid name.

Really, you'll thank me. And if not you, your kids.

You know, the ones with the noses.


The Vegetable Assassin said...

My sinuses have been so nasty this year, I might need to get some of those for MYSELF. :)

OK, that was gross but I'm not bailing. I am disgusting. The end.

BugginWord said...

Well crap. I hadn't even started worrying about the stuff that comes out of the top half yet. Damnit.

Anonymous said...

I agree that these things are pure awesome. Mea's nose was getting so raw, and between these and lotiony kleenex, they seriously saved her nose.

Anonymous said...

Someone told me these magic tissues are held together by the ground up dreams of broken parents.
Or not.
Anyway, my kids after endless rounds of snot wiping over the years still don't understand the concept of "nose blowing". I can't imagine that I've raised people without this skill but apparently I did.

Granny Annie said...

They didn't have anything neat like that when I was a kid. Shirt sleeves served the purpose.

My friend put her son's first booger in his baby book.

Riot Kitty said...

One of our volunteers knows the owners of that company - they donated hundreds of those packets for a project last winter where we made gift bags for people in shelters. Nice bunch of people.

Dunc said...

Tell me where to get these wondrous things!

Sam said...

Well I have never seen or heard of those things, but now I want some! For me!

Amber said...

Hello, new reader here! I must say that I LOVE these as well. I thought I was suckered by a cute package too, until I started using them. They're awesome! My son loves the smell of them so much he usually doesn't notice I'm using them to chip crusty snot off his face. :)