Monday, May 9, 2011

Twenty Two Months

Meg is very advanced for her age. She's already well into her terrible twos.

Maybe "terrible" isn't the right word for it. How about her "incredibly active, opinionated, and willful" twos? Yeah, I think that works better. She really isn't trying to be difficult. She just knows what she wants to do, exactly when she wants to do it, and hasn't figured out that is not always possible. Hell, if it were I would always be eating pizza and never have on pants.

It isn't just that she doesn't understand that she can't always have her way though, it's that she is now mobile enough to try and get her way if we aren't immediately helping her to get it for those reasons she doesn't understand. She can now get out of the restaurant high chair when we tell her we will not lift her down because people are still eating. She can now reach the counter where the fruit snacks are sitting when we won't hand them to her because dinner is almost ready. Oh, and she can definitely undo her car seat straps when we refuse to let her out because the car is still moving.

Despite all this everything she does still makes me smile. Even when I am totally exasperated because she has thrown herself to the floor, or refuses to eat and is instead trying to "help" by clearing her plate into the (fat) dog's mouth, I am still enchanted by this child. I love it when she tells me "no, no" or "be nice" when I am doing something she doesn't like -- like trying to bathe her or make her wear socks. I love that when she runs away she also slightly dances. I love watching her tastes develop, and her opinions evolve. For instance, she no longer like ketchup. Used to love it -- now won't look at it. Why did that happen? And what will change next?

I can't wait to find out.

Oh, how we love our girl.


Jessica said...

Oh, how I love the stories of your girl. She sounds like 10 pounds of fun in a five pound bag. For me, it's refreshing to read such wonderful entires as this alongside a hilarious and slightly angry rant about current events. Thanks for sharing :)

Kelly said...

"Terrible" is not the right word for it. I think your description hits the nail right on the head. They are discovering so much from this age on, and they are usually not afraid to tell you.

It just goes on and on from here. Three and four are just as crazy. No opinion left unstated, that is for sure.

Meg is, as always, so adorable.

LL Cool Joe said...

It's a trying time, but also a wonderful time.

Just have a large bottle of brandy near by at all times. :D

G said...

Now that, is a very funky picture.

As for the terrible twos, I feel your pain.

Now going through it with my nephew whenever we do daycare for him.


Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Mine hit her terrible twos at 16 months. Full on tantrums, "no no" to eeeverything. It's gotten slightly calmer, but I'm with you, sometimes I kind of love her when she tells me no. I like her independence...more so when it doesn't involve her still crawling at almost 18 months.

Also? Best line ever: Hell, if it were I would always be eating pizza and never have on pants.

Riot Kitty said...

I did a lot of that back and forth "love this food, now I hate it" when I was little. I think I just wanted to see how patient my parents were ;)

Jen Has A Pen said...

I never know which restaurant I want for dinner, or if I'm hot or cold. I've tried to decide between painting our bedroom tranquil gray or sunny yellow. Do I like my hair short or long? Buy the red nail polish or the blue? Point is, I'd LOVE to be decisive; know what I want. Cantankerous Meg is my idol.

jules said...

Good luck with the "active twos." That is a great picture!

Rassles said...

Seriously, that picture should be framed.