Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You Should Be Reading These

I am not a fan of the blog badge thing. I think I have made that clear. I mean, it's a nice idea and all, but it just makes me uncomfortable. You know, like hugging in public places. No one needs to see that shit. If you want to do more than a handshake, or a high five, go somewhere private. And yes, I am including "elaborate" type handshakes that include fist taps, hip bumps, or any kind of finger wiggling on the list of things better done away from the public eye.

Still, while I am not a big proponent of public displays of affection, there are a couple blogs I have been wanting to recommend for a while now. I have pimped a couple of them on my Twitter feed, but I think it's time for me to give them full frontal exposure on the blog. I mean, how ever much exposure one can give on a blog this size. And so, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the "I like you enough to say it publicly" badge:

It's not too flashy, is it? I don't want to go overboard here. I was a little worried about the typeface, but I figured the lower case i balanced it out.

I would like to offer this badge to seven blogs that I read and love on as regular a basis as I can manage with a toddler. They can do whatever they want with the badge: ignore it, pass it on to blogs they think more people need to know about, or get it tattooed on their butts...

Monkey Soup A teenage daughter, a toddler, and grandchildren at the age of 36. Kelly should be doing nothing but bitching, but she loves her life, and makes me love it too. Also, her Mea is Meg quality cute.

View From the Crooked Letter I love this blog because Jen is taking chances most of us only talk about taking. She is back in school, and working on writing. Oh, and she's a mom and working. Since I got tired just writing those sentences I think you can see why I like her.

I Am Writing You Today This is a new blog I just found and love. Daniel takes the concept of "Letters From A Nut" and makes it not psycho. I also love seeing the responses he gets. Plus, Mormons love him too!

Hippo Brigade Beckey's picture is of her stuffing a cupcake in her mouth. Enough said. Want more? Read her stuff.

One Smary Mama I don't know why you all don't know C.Lo yet. She is grace under pressure defined. Oh, and she's a theater geek, which makes it even better.

Little Dragon Fruit Another drama geek, and this one is brave enough to still be auditioning. Oh, and when Sam isn't entertaining me with tales from the stage her daughter Jarrah always has a great adventure on hand.

Pining for Nordstrom Ton of kids. Stuck in the middle of nowhere. Great sense of fashion. Jill can even make a household disaster riveting.

So, those are your reading assignments. After all, you have to have something to do when I'm funky, or grumpy, or trying to keep Meg off the roof. You know, most of the time...

And I promise not to be so mushy in the future.


Amanda said...

C Lo rocks like a hurricane!! I keep telling her she needs to load up the kids & come visit Salt Lake. Does she listen?? No - but she is still cool. (Even when she tries to bombard me with Indie Rock)

Daniel said...

Why, I'm all flattered and the such. :)

I'm amused that you paid a little recognition to Ted L Nancy. I've enjoyed his letter as well, but sometimes... he just takes it a smidge too far.

I'll have to check out these other blogs you've referenced. It's on my To Do list.

LL Cool Joe said...

Thanks for the links, I'll check them out!

Anonymous said...

<3 you girls lots. coming to invade SLC for sure eventually.

JenS said...

I think I'm going with the tatoo! Thanks Libby.

Kelly said...

Thanks so much Libby. I like you too!

Sam said...

Oooh, I'm thrilled! :) And I have some great new reading!

Which I'll get to as soon as I get home from the tattoo parlor. (Do they still call them parlors?)

I love you, toooooo, Libby!