Monday, February 8, 2010

Snot City

For the past four days I have done very little other than thwart the attempts of my lungs to escape my body. They have tried to get out through my nose, through my mouth, and, in one spectacular display, tried to burst through my chest wall via explosive coughing.

Now, normally when I am this sick, I will take time off of work, climb into bed, take enough cold medicine to risk blindness, and sleep until I am either better, or until my upper lip is so desperately in need of a wax that I look like Sancho Panza. Or, rather, that's what I used to normally do -- P.M. No, not Tylenol P.M., though I do love that shit. By P.M. I am actually referring to "pre-Meg." Because of my adorable, daughter, I took a completely different tact when dealing with this illness: washing my hands forty times a day, taking NON-DROWSY cold medicine, and chanting the words "please don't let the baby get sick, please don't let the baby get sick."

Yeah, that didn't work. Meg is now fighting her own lung battle.

Luckily, she could no be more different than me when it comes to dealing with a cold. Really, I have never seen anyone so chipper while sick. The only time she isn't smiling is when we have to suction out her nose so she can breathe without sounding like an asthmatic pug. She is sleeping more than usual, but when she's awake she is just as smiley and chatty as normal. If I didn't love her so much I would swear she is trying to make me look wussy. I mean, Ryan hasn't come out and said it yet, but I pretty sure the thought "why can't Libby be more like Meg when she's sick" has crossed his mind. I can see it in his eyes.

Yeah. Well we'll see how judgy he is when his lungs decide to pull a Steve McQueen. I'm giving him 48 hours before he is begging for NyQuil.

And then Meg I will just laugh until we cough.


Sam said...

I have the exact same thing with Jarrah. I'll be pining on my fainting couch while she's doing calisthenics with a head full of snot. I decided that instead of me being wussy, I just genuinely have worse sinuses. I think I can safely make that claim.

Cate said...

You know what, Meggles is tougher than you. She is a bad ass chick who will cut you if you cross her (at least in my mind she is). Colds blow ass. At least you are at home with yours. I bought a $10 bottle of NyQuil from the front desk tonight.

Dual Mom said...

It just proves that she's supahhhh baby, right?

Anonymous said...

Babies are tougher than we are. No doubt about it.

Kim said...

Colds are no big deal-- wait until everyone in the house is puking and you get to clean it all up.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Ugh... feel better soon.

Summer said...

Hope you both feel better soon. She is such a good baby. My boys are ridiculously grumpy when they're sick. I'm certain it's a "man thing."

Anonymous said...

"asthmatic pug"

I literally LOLd just then!

Hope you and the baby feel better soon!

Janine@Phantom Zucchini said...

Oh, yeah. Being sick pre-kid is nothing compared to sick with child.

I still remember (quite a feat) having the flu and trying to watch my child from the sofa, of walking around the grocery store in a stupor.

Then there were the sicknesses brought home from school, but I'm going to spare you that for now.

Feel better!

Hippo Brigade said...

It's like babies like being sick or something. My daughter is the same way. She's like, Nah man, this cold? It's nothing. Pass me another popsicle momz.