Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Famous BFF

I am thisclose to being friends with THE Angelina Jolie. Well, the Angelina Jolie of Sweden. Yeah, that's right, I am talking about Regina Lund. THE Regina Lund. Jealous?

Oh, so now you're trying to pretend you don't know who Regina Lund is? Like you don't read "Bröllopsmagasinet
." Like you don't know all the classic lines from "Solisterna" or "Göta kanal 2 - Kanalkampen." Oh, yeah, and I bet you don't eat food or breathe air either. Poseur.

So, how I know you are asking, how did Regina and I meet? Well, we didn't, but I am pretty sure that I could meet her any time I wanted. You see, it turns out that she lived with Ryan's friend Ben's family when she was an exchange student in 1990. Ryan even MET her when she came to visit Ben earlier this month. The first thing she said to Ryan? "I am from Sweden." See, I always knew my new best friend would be real like that.

I don't know which aspect of Regina I like the most. I mean, yeah, she's a brilliant actress, but her singing. Oh, her singing! It's like an angel.

The poetry.
I mean "bartender, my tender, tending my dreams?" It's like she can see into my heart. I'm sorry, I need a minute just to compose myself.

Okay. I'm okay now.

I wonder if we can duet on her next album? Maybe an ABBA remake.

Now, are you jealous?

Oh, yes you are.


sas said...

if they don't make some sort of reality tv reunion show out of that beautiful story then the world is wrong.

Anonymous said...

She IS the next ABBA. It took 4 of them... but only 1 of her.

You. Are. So. Lucky!

I mean, kind of. You don't really know her.....

KAM said...

Um, she's real, um, talented....nothing like an over 30 woman singing songs about getting drunk.

just making my way said...

"Beer for my eyelashes"?!?!

Damn. I'm just...speechless.

Lindsey said...

I'll have you know I went to a Jazz game with your famous bff. Jealous???

Summer said...

Wow. So you're "kinda" going to be famous. Don't forget about all of us. We were here before her.

Amanda said...

Was it some sort of cougar exchange program? Your best friend is a hell of a lot older than Ryan.

Have you broken the news to Tara?

Little Girl Big Glasses said...

Does she pronounce it Ra-geena or Ra-gina?

Because that would be awesome if your famous bff's name rhymed with vagina.

Ben said...

I think you say one thing and mean another.

I make offended that you not to make fun of my middle school girlfriend that is so nice. You people know nothing of her super sexyness songing. Leave sexy dream woman alone.

Aunt Juicebox said...

ROFL Ben will you marry me? Because you are hilarious!

Dangit! I was totally going to write a song about how my bartender is the love of my life, and she stole my idea! I'll just have to write one about my gynecologist instead.

Kim said...


steenky bee said...

I love all things Abba. In fact, it is my cleaning music of choice. Whenever I hear "Dancing Queen", I have the urge to dust whatever and whomever is standing near me.

I also find the Swedish language fascinating. There is a guy at work who's of the Okland Construction (SLC) clan - they are Norewigen. Anyway, it's close... I get him to speak to me in Norweigen when I need a pick me up at work, which is often.

As an aside, are you going to CBC in May?