Sunday, October 11, 2009

Walking the Park

It was a perfect fall day for a walk. Not to hot, not too cold. Sun shining, but not in that obnoxious "oh, look at me, I'm the sun" way. The dog was restless, and Ryan and I needed exercise after gorging ourselves on dim sum. We decided to hit the park. We bundled up Meg, and were off. Oh, and the moment we started walking, she was out.

The park nearest to our house is the largest in the city, kind of like the central park of Utah. Ours just has fewer millionaires, and more dirty hippies. On Sunday it is filled with all sorts of different people, most of whom make me feel much better about myself... For instance, there were these guys:

Yes, they are playing beach volleyball in a sand pit that most likely is home to numerous used needles, and E.coli. And they are playing in it without shoes or shirts. I guess some people really like knowing how they are going to die.

This is the weekly "drum circle" that takes place in the park every Sunday. Basically it's just a time for people to smoke marijuana in front of their kids under the guise of a "cultural event." Still, it is nice to know there is still a market for tye dye and patchouli in Salt Lake. Oh, and by nice, I mean horrifying.

Those people are walking on a tightrope. And they weren't the only tightrope group in the park. Actually, I counted three groups total playing on tightropes today. I guess it's the new thing. Better than sword swallowing...

Of course there were tons of dogs in the park. This one was my favorite. He wasn't pulling much, but he was pulling it with gusto. And he still found time to bark at
every person and animal that walked by him.

We returned home feeling lighter, less jumpy, and a lot more in tune with our neighborhood. Yep, it
was a perfect fall day for a walk.


Chief said...

ah...liberty park on the weekend.

Kristine said...

Tightrope walking, huh? Kind of cool...but then again, totally hippie-ish, so not so much.

Cute picture of Meg!

LB @Wait, She Said What? said...

The house we're moving to is right near a great park that I'm sure we'll see some, ahem, interesting people. Tightrope walking? Um, probably not.

The real question is, did anyone actually notice you taking random pictures of strangers? Maybe they were too busy catching dirty needle diseases and not falling on their face off a rope. Actually, you were the least of their worries.

Yellow Trash said...

I love how everyone else is in short sleeves or shirtless altogether and you have Meg bundled up for a Polar expedition.

erin said...

It was so cold yesterday we had to halt our walk about ten minutes in. Elijah hates the wind in his face.

He showed how much he hates this by punching me in the head.
Which was shocking.
Enjoy that sleeping angel while you can...cause soon you'll be getting punched in the head and spending most of your days standing in the hall in front of the time out chair. ;)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Now *that* is a Walk in the Park. Looks perfect.


LiLu said...

Omg, I want that hound! The face! LOOK AT THE FACE!!!

Dunc said...

My parents' nearby park has a lot of tightrope walkers, too. Yours takes the cake with the hippie crap, though.

Chelsie said...

The park seems like it belongs in the sixties. Sounds like a good day for all.