Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Forgot to Title This Post

Last night I got four non-consecutive hours of sleep. Today Meg had her first doctor's appointment. So, I think you can forgive me for not understanding the difference between irony and ironing right now. In lieu of anything witty, I am totally going to cop out and show you pictures of Meg's bath last night... It's a cheap shot, but I am tired enough to take it.
Not happy at first. Oh, and yes, I wear elastics on my wrist. If you had my hair, you would too.

She kind of warmed up to it, but still gave us the stink eye.

The towel is still a little big.

Mom (still not used to that) does the bathing, Dad does the comforting.

Sally is glad she didn't get a bath, but she still is waiting for the baby to go back from whence she came.

Okay, total cop out post is over. Maybe if Meg does not decide to hold a rave tonight I will be able to put a sentence together tomorrow...


Joanna Jenkins said...

Ohhhhhh, myyyyyyyy gawd! Meg is beautiful :-)

LB @Wait, She Said What? said...

The cop out post was worth it because I personally LOVE the photos. You're daughter is soo adorable!

You can tell you're such a proud Mommy!

*Akilah Sakai* said...

New moms can get away with cop outs. Enjoy that privelege, Libby. She's a doll!

DC Diva said...

This isn't a cop out. You've just become one of us.... a blogging mom!!!! Oh, the shame! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the "stink eye" picture!!!!!! Too cute!

Yellow Trash Diaries said...

Where are the pictures of crap balanced on Sally's head?

Dana's Brain said...

"Stink eye" made me laugh so hard!

You get mad props from me for ANY blog post you do right now. Hope you get some sleep tonight, Mom!

erin said...

My babiest one hated baths until I set the baby bath up in front of a giant mirror. He would be mesmerized by his own awesomeness and got over the bath hating pretty quick after that.

She's so tiny! I had a tiny one, my first daughter. Then my second daughter was 9'13'' and my babiest one was 10'14''...little babies are sometimes better, or at least easier on your back!

Anonymous said...

so tiny!!!!!!!!!!!!

She gives the best stink eye of any baby stink eye I've ever seen. I think she'll fit into your family just fine. :)

Anonymous said...

*LOL* Your dog cracks me up! "MEH?!?!?"

Dunc said...

LMAO at Meg's stink eye!! I love her, congratulations Libby!

Kiy said...

Very cute love the pics!

Our dog sends Sally best wishes and a note that reads:

Dear Sally,

The brat's been here almost two years. Plays with my toys, rarely drops food, gets all the attention.

Good luck with yours and if you find out how to return the kid, please let me know.



Smiles, Kiy