Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Really I am not kidding. There are pictures of ridiculously cute dogs doing ridiculously cute things in this post. I actually threw up a little in my mouth while writing it. So, unless you are one of those people who like this kind of thing, come back tomorrow, and I'll have more sarcastic bitter bile for you feed on.

Sally is not a dog who likes other dogs. When we go to the dog park she will walk in, sniff t
he grass, go to the bathroom, and then look up at me as if to say "what are all these dogs doing here" and head for the gate. I would fault her for it, but considering the way I feel about most people, that would be unfair. So, instead I normally just head for the gate right behind her, before one of the dog "Moms" can strike up a conversation with me, or the inevitable head humper gets too close to Sally.

Of course, no man, or dog for that matter, is an island. Sally has a few dog friends that she not only tolerates, but adores. One is my Mom's poodle Scamper. They play so much that Sally is not welcome to sleep over any more, because my parents get no sleep. Another is our friend Katie's dog Micah. And then there is M
auly. She is the newest friend and I think, Sally's BFF.

Mauly is a golden retriever puppy, and her name is spelled strangely because it really is the only way it should be spelled considering her personality. She never stops jumping, or chewing, or wagging, or running. In the three months our friends Meghan and Andrew have had Mauly I have seen her worn out and sleeping TWICE, and both times Sally was involved.

Right now Sally and Mauly are spending most afternoons together. It's perfect. They run around
and tire each other out, I read a book and occasionally watch the madness...

This is their favorite game.
Molly puts her front legs on Sally's back, and bites her ears.
Sally runs around madly trying to get her off.
The tennis ball is a new touch.

Here we have the puppy hip check. This is another favorite game,
when they try to push each other over or into walls.

This is Meghan's other dog, Temple.
He doesn't have time for this shit.

The only time he gets involved is when they get too close,
and he has to tell them to calm down or else.

I know that the fun and games could end as Mauly gets older, or Sally gets grumpier, but I really hope they don't. Watching the two of them play with such abandon and fake toughness is such a joy. I think they are having a pretty good time too. And if they aren't? Well, at least it's keeping both of them out of trouble, and wearing them both out.

See? I told you. It was actually a little smarmy too. Now I need to go punch a kitten and get a drink.


Amanda said...

Have you not noticed that Scamper is the inevitable head humper?

Sprite's Keeper said...

Gah! I should have paid attention to the warning! My eyes! My eyes!
(You're right though, seriously cute.) My eyes!

PETtell said...

What a cute and adorable pet. It's fascinating that pets can now have online profile to share with other pet lovers as well.

Princess Consuela Bananahammock said...

The last photo is my favorite. :) I love how clearly their personalities and thoughts are expressed on their faces.

Anonymous said...

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