Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ryan on Facebook?

Today an amazing thing happened. Birds began to fly north for the winter. Druids began work on a new structure. Naked mole rats began wearing clothes. Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammad put off their weekly poker game. And my husband, Ryan, said these fateful words "I am thinking about getting a Facebook page."

It happened after a lecture on teaching in the digital age. He came home very concerned about being able to reach students in an effective manner when their lives are bombarded with media. He was talking about teaching on a multi-level, multi-input platform. About how kids have a world of knowledge at their fingertips and communicate at the speed of light. He said he wanted to understand it better, and that he needs to be changed as much by their world as they are by his world. I mean, I think that's what he said, I was still reeling from the word "
Facebook" coming from his lips without the words "waste of time" in the same sentence.

I always wondered how I would feel when this day arrived, and now I can tell you -- I am freaked out. Yes, Ryan is well aware of the time I spend on
Facebook. He knows who all of my friends are. He has looked at stuff with me and laughed, if not a bit disdainfully, about it. However, now he would be aware of just how much I interact there and, even worse, how much time I spend just broadcasting my random thoughts on Twitter.

I think I may have to turn down his friend invitation.

I am not just worried about him finding out about me on
Facebook, but I am worried about the personality he might develop there. What if my calm, even keeled husband loses his Dr. Jekyll persona to become an online Mr, Hyde. What if he starts bombarding me and everyone we know with lists of his five favorite books/movies/candy bars/deconstructionist thinkers? Or, even worse, the results of quizzes about what kind of shoe/bird/celebrity hooker he would be? My world would shatter. I think even Sally would hide her face behind her six toed paw.

Of course, now Ryan says he isn't actually going to get a
Facebook page, and not just because I said I was thinking of blogging about it. He says that the school doesn't have a clear policy yet, and that he doesn't want to be inundated with students who could then link to me and others and find out just how nuts his life is.

God, I hope he never finds out about this blog.


Amanda said...

He can be my friend.

Lorrie Veasey said...

LOL. Maybe you shoudl turn him onto World of Warcraft. I have heard that keeps husbands busy for like a century while their better halfs continue to live a double life on the interwebs. Not my DH though. He's still stuck in the 80s and surfing porn anytime I surrender the computer.