Wednesday, April 1, 2009

LibbyLogic Hash

It's April Fools Day, which means that anything I write today will be seen as a joke. I mean, most of things I write are jokes, but what if today is the one day I have something really important to say? What if today is the day I want to take a stand against illiteracy, or genocide, or men who wear tank tops without irony? It won't matter, because everyone will just think it's a joke. So, because I don't want to waste me time with a long, thought out post (you know, more than 140 characters), I'm just going to throw together some of the random events/thoughts from my life as of late. These are perfect for those of you who are really drunk and can't follow a long story.... You know, most of you.
  • Today was Hawaiian shirt day at work. Of course, it was also 30 degrees outside, which meant few were wearing tropic attire. One of the managers came through the newsroom asking people why they weren't decked out, and specifically questioned my friend Irinna, who is Polynesian. Her reply? "Every shirt I wear is Hawaiian. I mean, once I put it on."
  • I was looking for a birthday card today when I came across one in the 99 cent section that said "Happy Birthday. May this day bring you as much joy as you deserve." I had no idea Hallmark had gotten so passive aggressive.
  • I keep all kinds of granola bars in my desk to keep me from eating out of the vending machine or patronizing the hated Carriage Cafe. Recently, I added Planter's Peanut Bars to the mix. Yesterday my Dad called me (yes, I work with my Dad) and asked me to come into his office, and bring a peanut bar with me. I did, and asked him what he wanted as I sat down. "Nothing," he replied, "I just wanted a peanut bar and wanted to see if I could get you to bring it to me."
  • Speaking of my Dad, it always takes people a while to figure out we are related. Recently a co-worker was looking at my blog posts about New York and came across a picture of my parents. "Libby," she said, "how long has Tommy been dating your Mom?" I told her they had been going steady for about 38 years, but they weren't really serious.
  • Ryan is currently teaching World Religions, and discovered that ancient Greeks had 120 holidays a year. This is why I have built a large statute of Zeus in our backyard. Scoff if you must, but religious freedom is a right in this country, not a privilege.
Happy, now? Good. Tomorrow I will be back with treatises on war and Capri pants. Because really, aren't Capri pants the true cause of war? Think about it.


Andria and Co. said...

If that was a day in your life, can I trade lives with you? All I got is diapers. Oh, and the swiffer broke today. Good quality stuff.

I did a Wordless Wednesday post today, for the same reason, I didn't want to have the "typical" April Fool's joke/post.

DC Diva said...

This was great.

Amanda said...

Go Dad go!!
I am now going to see if that works on Cate.

Cate said...

Hip hop to the coffee shop.

Lorrie Veasey said...

Was the peanut butter bar the sweet & salty kind? Cuz those are wicked, wicked crack disguised as packaged nutbars.

Procrastinateher said...

Haha I loved that post.
Think I found it from clicking on something on the Bloggess' page, and I'd subscribe or whatever but I'm too stubborn to learn how to do that, so this shall be bookmarked and frequently commented on.
Also, is 'reljecin' a real word? IF not, I don't think it can technically be called 'word verification'. That is all.