Sunday, March 22, 2009

On Shuffle, Take 3

Tomorrow I go back to real life. After two weeks of travel, interspersed with short visits to the real world, I can no longer say I am going on, currently experiencing, or just getting back from vacation. That means I can no longer put things off because "I won't be in town." The house can't be left a mess because "we won't be here anyway." And I won't be able to ignore things that have been causing me stress because "I'm taking a vacation from my problems." The vacation is over, it's back to reality. I have one more night though, and I am going to make the most of it. So, tomorrow I will go back to my pithy commentary on life and love, to my funny stories, and tales of wisdom, but tonight I am phoning it in. Enjoy the pretty pictures, and relive some of my favorite vacation moments with me.

Even the statues in New York don't mind their own business.

I can't tell you how hard it was to get Ryan out of here. Or maybe it was the other way around...
I seem to remember someone screaming "I married the wrong Ryan." That might have been me.

I can't believe a spot like this exists in the middle of New York City. Luke was truly entranced.

Even pigeons look charming at Bethesda Fountain.

I couldn't fit the license plate in the picture. It read "tourist."

The shuttle launch. Really, it was. Unfortunately, in the three seconds it took me
to get my camera out, the space craft had left the atmosphere.

A charming southern picture. There are not very many of these left though,
since Florida is like the rest of America, covered with mini malls and freeways.

No clue about the name of this flower. Probably something like "alligator plume."

Those are cormorants. I mean, the birds are.
The balls are Christmas ornaments no one has taken down yet.

The really love their crosses in Florida. This wasn't even the biggest one we saw.

The most awesome t-shirt ever. EVER.

I am off now to enjoy my remaining hours in my vacation haze. Tomorrow food will have calories, alcohol will make me seem stupid instead of charming, and money will no longer grow on trees. Damn it.