Sunday, January 11, 2009

Next Up: Circus Tent

My absolutely favorite thing to wear in the world are long sleeve v-neck t-shirts from Eddie Bauer, preferably in white, black, gray, or, if I am feeling very adventurous, brown. I like to wear them big, because I think everything is more comfortable the deeper you can burrow into it, and so I have always bought them in size large. Yes, I could wear a medium and have more definition, but since that definition could also be seen as outlines of back fat, I haven't bothered.

For Christmas I asked for my traditional supply of new t-shirts, and was given them -- in size XL. My mother explained that when she saw them in the store they looked smaller than normal, so she just assumed that the store had changed the sizing, and that I would want XL. They didn't, and when I held up one shirt to my figure it fell almost to my knees. I sighed, and assumed I would have to take it back. Then I put it on, and my world changed. Now, my once fine large t-shirts feel confining, and all I want is the billowy comfort of the XL. I try to make sure to wash at least one a day, and have already spent many mornings dancing outside the dryer waiting for my shirt to be done. I especially like the fact I can wear them without pants around the house, and not worry about having all the blinds drawn. I think Ryan is a bit concerned I might start going out like that, but he doesn't need to worry. Well, at least not yet, it's winter, I would freeze.

I wonder how comfortable the 2X are...


calicobebop said...

Mmmm, snuggly large shirts fresh out of the dryer. Heaven on Earth! Your mom did you a favor! :)