Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hallmark Moment

The economy has hit the television industry -- hard. Almost every news and entertainment agency has had some kind of layoffs, and this week the trend hit my work place. Eight people lost their jobs while the rest of us ducked for cover. Today a co-worker began circulating sympathy cards for the two people in our department who fell victim to the cuts. When presented with them to sign -- I drew a blank. I wanted to make sure I said exactly the right thing, you know, sympathetic without being placating, remorseful without seeming disloyal to the company that still employs me (I love you guys!). I came up with these possibilities:

1. Sorry you lost your job. Glad I still have mine.
2. You lost your job, and all we got you was this lousy card.
3. I never really liked you, but I still feel bad you got canned.
4. I would say see you around, but the only place I ever saw you was work.
5. The industry is going in the crapper anyway, and we'll probably all be dead soon.

In the end I decided not to sign the cards at all. I think that was the best idea for everyone involved...


Amanda said...

How is Dad holding up?

Ellen said...

I like 3. But I wouldn't have been able to sign either. I think that's why Hallmark doesn't make "Sorry you got canned... we'll never see you again... good luck finding another job" cards. Just a bit too awkward!

Murphy Gilson said...

Ya know, there are people at work who are both stupid and jerky, but I never wanna see anyone humiliated, degraded, and unable to support their families. People shouldn't oughtta lose their jobs if there's another way to cut spending. My bosses have always found a way to slash our budgets and let people keep their gigs. I hope they can continue to do so. Wow, sorry that's not funnier.