Monday, December 29, 2008

We Now Rejoin Our Normal Programming

Yeah, I haven't posted for a week. I guess if I actually got paid for this I would be fired. I have a really good reason for not living up to my blogging responsibility, but it isn't that interesting, and it definitely isn't funny. That post would basically be all about busy holidays, guests visiting, and me whining like a little bitch. If you want to read posts like that there are a million blogs out there featuring them this week. I like to think I am better than that though, so I am giving you a multiple choice list, and you can pick the reason I haven't been blogging that makes you feel best, and makes you hate me the least.

1. I have been trapped under something heavy, but not so heavy that it really hurt me, and that it couldn't keep me from eating.
2. I was kidnapped by aliens. Not the ones from Mexico, Bush-ites.
3. I was coaching Sarah Palin's daughter through the birth of her child.
4. I burned my hands saving a group of penguins and nuns from a burning biodome.
5. I was busy sorting our recycling, because I like to save it up until the end of the year.
6. I was wearing Lee press on nails and couldn't type.
7. Two words: box wine.

I hope that helps you heal. And don't worry, LibbyLogic will be wrapping up big for those of you still sticking around...


Sarah Bellum said...

If it were me it would be number seven. And since you're ALMOST as awesome as me, I choose seven. I'd better wine some wine with Libby or I'm going to be pissed.

She Said said...

Definitely #7. Box wine does us in all the time.

Emily-Ione said...

You were drinking box wine while wearing Lee Press On Nails. I have done that - there is no way in that condition you could have updated your blog.