Friday, October 3, 2008

What To Say...

Damn you Katie Couric. By making Sarah Palin look so bad in your little interviews, tonight you made her look good. And she should not have looked good.

Palin directly answered not one question. She got close on the Iran/Pakistan issue, but just as she was to address the heart of the query, and get specific, she backtracked and went into generalities. And when she was really out of it, she just started talking about her life in Alaska and throwing about the word "Maverick." Oh, and at one point she asked Gwen Ifill to cut her some slack because she's only been at this for "five weeks."

She also contradicted herself over and over again. When Biden talked about the Bush administration it was "looking backward" but she had no problem bringing up Democratic foibles over and over again. She also talked about how more regulation is needed for Wall Street, but not two minutes later was talking about how private industry must be given more freedom. Huh? What does she think Wall Street is? Oh, and if conservatives want to get their ire up, listen to her response about same sex partnership. She basically said she agrees with Biden, and that while same sex marriages should not occur, domestic partnerships should.

I could go into her pronunciation and grammar, but I won't. It just makes me shake. I will just say -- the word is "feel" not "fill."

Biden was not perfect. He avoided the questions about how he differed from Barack Obama, what promises the administration would not be able to fulfill, and wavered on his support of the war. However, he at least tried, and didn't keep going back to rhetoric.

Of course, Biden had to look perfect, which he did not. So, tomorrow, I think Palin will be declared the winner, and people will be talking about how "well spoken" she was, and how "surprisingly erudite" she was (she'll have to look that word up). The bar was set low for her, and she vaulted over it. Anyone would have, including me and Tara. I think this debate may actually give the ticket a bounce.

I hope you're happy, Katie.

Side note: Who did her blush? Grace Jones?