Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Say Something Nice

Today is Tara's birthday. She is 107 years old. Just kidding. It doesn't really matter how old she is, only that she is older than me. For her birthday I sent Tara her lovely gift inside the following card:

I thought it was perfect. I mean, how often do you find a card that says exactly what you want to say? However, Kent (Tara's man) saw the card, and thought it was "insulting" He asked why we are so "mean to each other." Um, what? Why, if women are smart and sarcastic are thy "mean to each other," but if men do it they are "driven?" Yeah, or something like that, the Palin thing really has me thrown. Well, instead of fighting the semantics of it, I am going to try and placate Kent and say five nice things about Tara.

1. She is very fashionable. Yeah, ironic considering the card. Really though, Tara dresses better than pretty much anyone I know, and if she and I were even close to the same size and shape I would borrow her clothes all the time. Of course, she could take my black t-shirts and baggy jeans any time she wanted as well.

2. She is smart. Tara reads non-fiction books FOR FUN. The only other person I know who does that is Ryan. Sometimes they get talking about the books they have both read, and I just have to comfort myself in the fact that more people read "People" every day than the "New York Times."

3. Ryan says he has never seen her in a bad mood. Yeah, I guess Ryan has only met her once. Even though she lived with us for a month.

4. Her dog is awesome. Molly is the reason that Ryan and I got Sally. We missed her so much when Tara moved to California that we needed to fill the void. She is a wonderful dog, which I think has to be somewhat accredited to a wonderful owner.

5. She has wonderful taste in friends. I rock.

So, happy birthday Tara! I hope you enjoyed the five nice things I had to say about you, because it won't happen again until next year... And then you'll be reading them with bifocals.


Tara said...

First of all, you know that I'm not a day over, like, 104. Secondly, thanks to your lovely blog, you can now sleep inside when you come to visit me.

P.S. while all of what you write is true, the MOST true part is number 5. I absolutely do have the BEST taste in friends - you do rock. I don't care what Ryan says behind your back.

Amanda said...

Happy birthday Tara. I never like to agree with my sister, but you are pretty incredible.

By the way, this certain age you have hit - not so bad at all.

calicobebop said...

I love the card! I'd be honored to have someone tell me I dress like a slut instead of a soccer mom. :) Happy Birthday Tara!

Cate said...

Tara, you should be knighted for putting up with Lib for so long. I hope you had a great birthday!