Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Scream

I am not a sweet person. By that I mean, of course, I am not a fan of sugary or sweet flavors. My tastes run more towards the salty, the tangy, or the sarcastic. When other people order dessert, I get an after dinner drink. This summer though, something has shifted, and I am totally enamored with ice cream.

It could have something to do with the fact that it is absolutely sweltering here in Utah, and that I do not do well in the heat. Or maybe my body is trying to tell me that there just isn't enough fat on my thighs. Whatever the reason, I find myself craving Haagen Dazs, and Ben and Jerry's, and this really good sherbet called Hola Fruta. I find myself making special trips to the grocery store when the freezer is bare. And I don't make special trips to the grocery store for anything. I am the person who saw no problem with using coffee filters for a night when we ran out of toilet paper. Yes, that is how lazy I am. But not even my laziness can stand in my way of a creamy treat. I'm lucky I even making it out of the store before I dive into the carton.
And straight out of the carton is the only way to eat it. No bowl, no scooping, no dessert spoons. It makes it more intimate. Just me and the carton, and a big soup spoon. Oh, and I eat it standing up. If I sit down when I eat it I feel lazy, and like I'm eating too much. If I'm standing I can pretend I'm just having "a bite," and that the effort of supporting myself while eating will lead to the burning of more calories.

My absolute favorite, crawl through the desert to get it, ice cream is, at this moment, Haagen Dazs Fleur de Sel. It's caramel ice cream with salted caramel ribbons and chocolate covered caramel pieces. My Mom introduced me to it, which I think proves, once again, that she is evil. It is sweet without being too sweet, chunky without being filled with too much stuff, and so creamy it makes me cry. If I were Egyptian I would insist it be put in my burial chamber. That is how good it is. Tonight Ryan is up fishing, and it is all I am having for dinner. Well, maybe that and a glass of wine. I think a nice white burgundy would really compliment it.

Oh, wine and ice cream. I have just made myself dizzy with joy. I need to go lay down.


Amanda said...

It is pretty damn good - I have never witnessed Mom push ice cream like that.