Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Damn the Man!

There are many reasons that I hate Wal-mart, and believe it is evil -- it's unfair trading policies, it's treatment of part time workers, and the fact that it's stores are so large they reminds me of the living room of the death star are just a few of them. But now I have a new one -- Debbie Shank.

Debbie is a Missouri woman who was badly brain damaged in a traffic incident eight years ago. She now has no sort term memory, and will be in a care center for the rest of her life. Now Wal-mart did not cause the accident (that I can prove) but they were her employer at the time, and like any decent employer that gives health benefits, they paid out money for her injures. But of course, we all know Wal-mart isn't decent.

Debbie's family won a one million dollar lawsuit against the trucking company blamed for the accident. After paying all of the various legal and other fees the family was left with little over 4-hundred thousand dollars. Now Wal-mart wants it all -- and then some. They say that the health plan Debbie was on allows them to recoup money paid out in claims, and a judge has said the only way they can do that is through Debbie's trust fund.

What really bugs me about all this is that Wal-mart is legally in the right! Not only that, but I slightly agree with them that making an exception in this case could cause problems for the company later on when other people start trying to abuse system. Damn the man!

Luckily, there is a way to cut Wal-mart out of the equation completely and just leave them counting their piles of gold in their underground caves -- we could all help Debbie. An organization called Wal-mart watch is raising funds for her care, and will match every dollar donated. So, your $25 donation becomes $50. Not only that, but it becomes a sign that all of man kind doesn't suck. So, give to the fund, and give Wal-mart the finger. Let them drown in their own crapulence and low quality plastic products.


c.a. leibow said...

Falbergasted!!! Even though the decision is legal sound, they could stand be happy for the legal principle and leave it at that. No actually ask for the money or donate it to her an get the good press. Heartless bastards in their heartless bastard money counting caves

Murphy Gilson said...

Hey look! $5 DVD players!