Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rainy day

It's raining today in Salt Lake. Not the big huge drops that are seen in the east and Northwest, and not the sharp pins of some storms. This rain is easy going. It falls in drops that seem to take their time, enjoying every inch of air, and hitting the pavement almost like they are wearing parachutes, so they hardly make a splash. It's the kind of storm that makes me wax rhapsodic about rain.

Sally hates the rain. She went out on the front lawn today to lie down, and immediately started shaking her head, trying to get the drops off of her as fast as they fell. I could see the confusion on her face -- "IT'S A BATH FROM THE SKY!" She then tried scraping the rain off her head with her paws. When that didn't work she came into the house and curled up in her bed, defeated, looking out the window at her undoing.

All of the cats are inside too, even Alice, who normally just comes in to eat and annoy us. He's been curled up on the couch next to Ryan for about an hour now, and hasn't tried to injured him once. If he's there is there in another half and hour I might have to go check and make sure Sally didn't trade him for one of those creepy cat stuffed animals that look like they're breathing. If you've seen them you know what I mean. Creepy.

I like the rain. For some reason it makes me feel oddly energized. With snow, I just want to curl up and watch movies and drink soup, and on hot days I just want to melt into a puddle, but I really do well in the rain. Today I went to the gym, bought some new clothes, organized a couple of cabinets, and filed a long overdue blog post. Know what I did yesterday when it was nice? Took a nap.

I like the way everything looks in the rain. Since the sky is dark any color really pops to the eye. The pumpkins on our front steps almost look like they are glowing. And all the pavement looks clean because it's wet. You can't see oil spot and cracks in the rain. Some drivers can't see other cars in the rain, but I blame that on them, not Mother Nature.

News is also incredibly easy to write on a rainy day. Know why? it's raining, and people want to know when it will stop. I could do an hour long weather cast and probably get the highest rating ever. Rain is a common occurrence, it happens all the time. Yet, every time it rains people start freaking out. The watch the news religiously during storms to see if it's done damage, if it's caused problems and of course, when it will all be over. They call in if we don't start the show with a weather cast. In between shows they call and ask to speak to the weatherman like he's a priest and they are on death row. It gets pretty ridiculous. Snow is even worse, but that's a different post. For now I'm just going to enjoy the rain.