Thursday, August 9, 2007

My birthday

My birthday was perfect, and not just because I didn't have to go into work.

Ryan and I got up about 9am and started the day with presents. I think every day should be started with presents. It just makes things so much more pleasant. I got a lovely new Ann Taylor outfit, sunglasses with sparkles on the sides, a new shirt, a yoga ball and some fabulous cheesy romantic movies on DVD. Ryan spoils me. Then we headed to my favorite breakfast spot to meet my folks. They haven't seen me on my birthday in four years, so they were kind of making a big deal of seeing me this year on the actual day. Really, who can blame them? I rock. My mother insisted I start the meal with a cupcake, and I try not to argue with my mother when it comes to eating sweets. After all, this is the woman who tried to pass off saltines as cookies during my childhood. If she says I can have sugar, I jump at the chance.

After breakfast my birthday glow made me feel like I could take on the world, so I decided to do the impossible. I gave Sally a bath. Getting her into the tub only took about ten minutes. Then she stood frozen and shaking while I tried to clean off the layers of stink that have been clinging to her for weeks. She looked up at me with disdain in her eyes. "I will remember this later," she seemed to be saying. But the torture was over soon enough, and after a brisk towel dry she was done. I was victorious. Oh, and then I walked outside and saw my very clean dog rolling in mud. I think she was even flipping me off as she did it.

After Sally was (sort of) re-cleaned I headed off to the spa. Let me just start by saying this: I am a no touch monkey. I do not like massages and prefer it is people around me keep their hands where I can see them. But this was a truly wonderful experience. Ryan got me a facial, which was like the best parts of massage, coupled with good great smelling products and a promise of smaller pores. Then, I got a pedicure, which is one of my favorite things in the world. My feet normally resemble those of Bilbo Baggins, but when my toenails are painted I look a little less hobbitesque. And Ryan had gotten me the super fantastic flip over backwards in the air naked pedicure (that's actually what they call it) so not only did they make sure my feet were exfoliated, but they gave them a mud mask and wax treatment as well. My feet are now the nicest part of my body.

I came home from the spa and was greeted by a wonderful sight: Ryan, Luke and a half gallon of cherries jubilee ice cream. It's what I imagine my first glimpse of heaven will look like. We sat on the porch and ate ice cream, with Luke making sure he got a fair share of cherries from everyone's bowl. He then decided being sprayed by the hose was an excellent idea, and Ryan and I were all too happy to oblige, until he declared himself "totally freezing and hungry" and we stopped to eat slices of turkey (we were out of bread).

After that the night starts to get a little fuzzy. I know Ryan and I went to sushi and then stopped by my book club to say hello to the wonderful women I am lucky enough to have in my lifeand eat more cupcakes. But, during these events I had a bottle of white wine hooked into my vein, so I might not have all the details straight. I still went to work today though -- sometimes you gotta play hurt.

All in all it was a perfect day. And it doesn't even matter that I am now officially in my mid-thirties.


Amanda said...

I am so glad you had a great birthday & yes, your pores look incredible.

What was in that wine at your house? It was TOXIC!! We left & went to the Red Balloon before going to Mom's house - and let's just say that Luke was able to convince me that he needed 3 Playmobil toys.