Monday, July 16, 2007

My new hat: A vote

Today I was out shopping with my Mother when I came upon a smart blue sunhat -- on sale. I put it on as a joke, but then my Mom said it actually looked cute on me. After looking in a mirror I had to agree. So, I bought it.

I got home to find Tara was on line, so I told her about my new hat, thinking she would enjoy the fact I was
taking a fashion risk. Her reply was short: "you'll never wear it you know." Now, I do admit that in the past I have bought hats thinking I really could become a hat person, only to have them end up in a box with stuffed animals from my childhood that I just can't throw away. For this very reason a hat moratorium has been in place for the past few years. But now I'm a new person, trying new things. I mean, I had a salad for dinner tonight. Wearing a hat can't be that far off. I needed to impress this upon Tara and let her feel the power of the hat, so I sent her the following picture.

Of course, Tara has no soul, so she answered "What are you? Anne of Green Gables?" Well, no, I'm Rebbecca of fuckin' Sunny brook Farm, but that's beside the point. So, now I am torn about my new hat. I think it could usher in a real change in my life, a real elegance. I mean, look how it matches my eyes. But I have not always been the most fashionable person, so, dear readers, if this hat is a mistake, let me know. Maybe I'll burn it for a future post. Or maybe I'll send it to Tara.
No, that would just make her too happy.


pentelho real said...


cate said...

Unless you are planning on attending an polo match or a British wedding, you will never wear that hat.

Amanda said...

You look cute as the Queen Mum.

Emily-Ione said...

Alas, I agree with Mandy.
Do you have a sudden yearning for crumpets?

Ellen said...

I LOVE it. I think out ANYWHERE with some BIG cool sunglasses would look quite fashionable. I say go for it! Wear it out with a sense of summer fun and flair.

Sarahbellum said...

I vote no. Try Lolabella if you're looking to start a hat trend.