Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It is snowing here in Utah today -- which means several things...

1. Everyone forgets how to drive. No matter how long they have lived here, or how many snowstorms they have been through in the past no one here remembers to just go slow and try not to stop. Instead they go fast, slam on their brakes and spin. Really.

2. People will use the snow as an excuse. Lateness, forgetfulness, impotence -- everything today in Utah will be blamed on the snow. I plan to eat an entire pizza today and blame the snow. After all, I need a thicker layer of blubber in order to help me fight off the cold.

3. News will be all about weather. For some reason people won't believe it snowed today -- until they see it on the news. We will have a huge number of viewers -- and all of them will want to know about one thing -- the strange phenomenon of white flakes falling from the sky.

4. Lots of people will call in "sick" tomorrow. Fresh powder, enough said.


Amanda said...

I ate a big red candle. Can I blame that on the snow?