About Logical Libby

My name is Libby, and this is my blog, chalk full of all the logic that doesn't make sense to anyone by me. I started writing here in March of 2007 as order to have an opportunity to write things that don't involve the words "Iraq," or "double murder." I write those things a lot in my job as a television news producer. I have been working in news for 13 years, and this blog is making it so I might want to work in it 13 more.

I am married to a great guy named Ryan, who is a saint; not just because he puts up with me but also because he puts up with the hundreds of kids at the high school where he is assistant principal.

In 2006 we started trying to have a baby.

In 2009 we adopted our fabulous daughter Meg.

We have a dog, Sally, and two cats, Olive and Alice. I am pretty sure all three are trying to kill me.

Oh, yeah, and we live in Utah, the land of laws that don't even make sense to me.

So, what are you waiting for? Go read! If you dig deep enough you may even find the video that goes with that picture...