Monday, April 6, 2009

Tara Ruins Everything

I really was planning to blog this week, even with my self-imposed Internet ban. That was my plan. Of course, as with all good plans, I didn't take all of the unforeseen problems into consideration. Yep, that's right, Tara is coming into town.

You see, she and Kent recently bought a house in California, which means it is time for her to finally clear out the storage unit of doom. I am not sure what is in there, even though I helped her fill it three years ago. I think it's mostly summer clothes, exercise equipment, and evil. Whatever it is, soon it will be filling the closets of her new home, and not collecting dust and racking up rent in Salt Lake. While that is a glorious fact, and I am glad Tara and her crap will soon be reunited, all of that stuff isn't going to get into the U-Haul and take itself to California on it's own volition. I just hope Tara doesn't think I am going to help... I mean, other than with snarky remarks and the occasional coffee run. Oh, and I'll ride int he truck with her, but only if I can nap.

So, for the next few days blog posts will be sparse if here at all. Yes, there may be some drunk Twitters about Tara's Mom, but other than that, I wouldn't expect to hear from me. I have asked my Mom and sisters if they would like to guest blog and, depending on how insulting or profane their posts are, I may put them up.

Oh, and if anyone is in Salt Lake, has their own grocery store back brace thing and lots of time on their hands, drop me a line. I'm sure Tara will appreciate it.


Amanda said...

I will bring wine!