Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I really wish Joe Biden would stop emailing me. 

Not just him, either. I'm tired of getting emails from Barack. And Michelle. And Bill Clinton. And even -- no, I can't believe I am saying this -- Beyonce. I want them all to stop with the emails. 

First of all, they really shouldn't be concerned about my vote. If I could have "bleeding heart liberal" tattooed somewhere on my person without using ouchy needles to do it, I would. There is no way I am voting for Mitt Romney. He could fly through the air on a golden unicorn, tossing down hundred dollar bills and birth control, then land and perform a same-sex wedding ceremony, and I still would wouldn't vote for him. If President Obama is one hundred percent sure of one vote this year, it's mine. He doesn't need to keep sending me little "Hey" messages to remind me he's running. 

Okay, so the emails are probably about money. The campaign needs it. I get it. What I don't get? A large paycheck. If I did, I would probably be voting for unicorn boy (no, I wouldn't). I am a local news producer, married to an educator, trying to put a kid through an independent school. The fact we gave anything at all shows just how devoted we are to this campaign. 

Also, I have to say the emails kind of insult my intelligence. Do they really think I believe the President, or even Biden for that matter, was sitting at his desk, worried about the campaign and thought "I know who can help! Libby! I mean, her blog alone reaches tens of people on a yearly basis! She will save the day!" 

I don't. Oh, and I've read all the articles about how using my name in the email will supposedly make me more likely to read it. I guess they haven't read the ones about how everyone knows about cut and paste. 

I think it would be even worse for the President if I actually did believe he and his high powered political friends are sitting around sending these emails out. They're supposed to be running a campaign and the country but they have time to email me? Even the ridiculously stupid version of me would see that's a bad use of time. 

I am glad to see though that the Obama campaign isn't the only one abusing the power of email though. According to Politico Romney is spamming the people who, like me, thought supporting their candidate meant handing over an email address. I can only imagine what's in those emails -- and it's definitely not money and free birth control. 


Amanda said...

Dammit - I knew I should not have trusted Joey B. I thought I was his one & only and that he REALLY NEEDED my vote this year, like his world would stop turning (or he would stop believing) if I did not show him my support. Bastard. With my own sister, even?!?! You know where you can stuck your bitchin' camaro, JB.

Emily said...

But they only need $3 from you. Just $3.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? "He could fly through the air on a golden unicorn, tossing down hundred dollar bills and birth control, then land and perform a same-sex wedding ceremony"... and you still wouldn't vote for him!? I'm voting Obama but if Romney COULD do all that... I think I could be swayed. ;)

Anonymous said...

Between the emails, the commercials, and the mail, I am so over it.

Now that Mack is also registered to vote, we officially get 3 of everything. We also get things from all parties because we are all registered independant.

Our mail carrier needs a raise, or at least one of those back support thingies.

Riot Kitty said...

You mean he isn't sitting at his desk writing us individually? :)

I'm with you. Even though we are not rolling in it, I donated to a candidate running for city council in a city nearby (I'm not within the city limits) because she is so good on mental health issues, and what happens nearby affects the entire metro area.

G. B. Miller said...

The e-mails would be a heck of lot better than getting robo-calls/cold calls asking you to vote for a particular candidate.

apluseffort said...

I stopped checking the email address Obama has for me, so that solved that problem! If Romney *could* fly through the air on a golden unicorn, tossing down hundred dollar bills and birth control, then land and perform a same-sex wedding ceremony, he'd just tell you the next day that it was being misconstrued by the mainstream media and that wasn't his intention at all.

Phil said...

Without getting to political, I share your sentiment 100%. This blog comment was approved by Phil Taylor for President. Please send $3.

LL Cool Joe said...

What you get emails?? I've never had from David Cameron, thank God. But I did go to a dinner party with Tony Blair, no really, I did.

Anonymous said...

would I seem needy and pathetic if I told you that using my name in an email tricks me into thinking I'm having a personal conversation with anyone famous who sends me one?