Sunday, September 16, 2012

An Open Letter to the Person Who Hacked My Pinterest Account

Dear Idiot,

Yes, I feel that we are close enough that I can call you Idiot. After all, I don't know your real name, and you feel we are close enough to share a Pinterest account. That's right, I know you hacked it.

Now, I am guessing you are new to hacking. Why am I guessing that? First and foremost, because you hacked a PINTEREST account. Is this your first time on the web? Has no one explained Pinterest to you? It is  a website where most women and five men look at pretty pictures and procrastinate about making good food and redecorating their homes. Yes, occasionally we pin things about budgeting and self-improvement, but that's just so we don't look like shallow jerks. Really, the only website that would have been less productive to hack would have been "Club Penguin."

Actually, "Club Penguin" probably would have been better, because they store credit card numbers.

Now, I know, you're saying "but everyone is on Pinterest, and all tubes on the interwebs have to lead to some valuable information." That's cute. Really, it is. I just want to pinch your little hackery cheeks. Let me just clue you in right now: Pinterest is as far away from "real information" as "Honey Boo Boo Child" is from "quality programming."

Sorry. I didn't mean to be so direct. But, otherwise, when will you learn?

I really enjoyed those pins you posted for me though. I am sure my 105 (yep, not a lot, you really picked an influential account to hack) TOTALLY believed I want them to check out "amazing work from home occupations." You know, because that's so me. Because that's so ANYONE who doesn't have the middle name "ponzi."

In closing, I would just like to wish you well in your hacking, and hope you get better at it. Maybe you can get tips on Pinterest. Probably not though, so maybe you can find a recipe for a good low-fat, Paleo spinach dip.



P.S.  Pinterest is really good at letting members know when their accounts have been accessed remotely. Just in case you needed a bit more help.


Riot Kitty said...

Funny, someone hacked our work Twitter account...mental health advocacy, really racy, right?

LL Cool Joe said...

You cracked me up with the 5 men. Is it really that many? :D

Jen said...

5 men! Well done.

Anonymous said...

It was me. I did it.

Unknown said...

That's so bizarre. We know the world has gone batshit crazy when crafting isn't cyber safe anymore. WTF?

Amanda said...

I was hacked too, I think it was by Cate.
Here is how you fix it:

By the way, I still think that Honey Boo Boo is the undiscovered Plato or Socrates of the upcoming generation.

G. B. Miller said...

A hacked Pinterest account.

Yeah, that person was really aiming high.

Not sure if your PS was meant to be taken sarcastically or not, but hopefully you can get your issued resolved quickly.