Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Women Are NOT Stupid

For the past few months I have been gnashing my teeth in anger at the number of ideas being put forth across the nation to "regulate" abortion. The bills that require a woman to have an ultrasound. The bills that require a woman to take a class. The bills that require a woman to undergo counseling. The proposal that a woman be made to watch an abortion before getting one. Each time a new one has come forward, I have shaken my fist, and roared a terrible roar.


Not because I am pro-abortion.

Not even because I am pro-choice.

Because at the heart of every one of these bills is the belief that women are idiots.

The sponsors of every one of these bills says they aren't trying to stop abortion, but instead are just trying to make women more "aware" of what is happening in their wombs, and what will happen if they undergo an abortion.

Do they really think women who have found themselves with an unwanted pregnancy aren't "aware" of all that?

I would say they are painfully aware.

I would say that almost all, if not all, women seeking abortions understand the physical, mental, and emotional ramifications their actions will have. However, they are also aware of the physical, mental, and emotional ramifications if they carry the pregnancy to term. So, they make a choice. 

Anyone who thinks it's an easy choice are really the ones who need to be made more "aware." 

As if calling women stupid isn't bad enough, some of the backers of these bills are also calling women liars. In Idaho a lawmaker objected to exempting victims of rape from undergoing an ultrasound before an abortion because most women who claim rape as a reason for an abortion are lying. 

You know, because women take rape so lightly. 

Suddenly, being called a "slut" doesn't seem that horrible. It's better than a stupid, lying whore. 

Did I not mention the whore implication in these bills? Oh, I didn't need to? Good. Moving on. 

Abortion is legal. Even if it is outlawed, it will still happen. There will still be women who make the choice to end their pregnancies. The only difference is, then they will have to make very risky choices do to it. Choices that could, and in many cases will, kill them. 

If these lawmakers really want to "protect" women they should make sure those aren't choices they have to make. 

Anything else would be idiotic.  


Seth or Nancy said...

Lib, check out this blog post.

I think you will like it. I am too chicken to share it on facebook (silly family) but feel free if you want.

Nicole said...

Brava! Yes to all of the above! But what do I know? I'm a woman . . .

Summer said...

I know. It's put me in a constant bad mood. The audacity is overwhelming, and these women that are sitting by and agreeing, me want to scream.

Jen said...

Whenever I see these proposed laws, I just can't cope.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, excellent post. Can I vote you for President?

Kelly said...

I drive past a Planned Parenthood multiple times a day. There are picketers (sp) there more days then not, sometimes old people, most always men, sometimes women with their children in tow.

It just makes me sick. Leave people to make their own decisions, whatever they may be.

Women are NOT stupid, you are so right. Women who have to make this choice ARE painfully aware. It makes it so much worse when they are painfully aware, and have other peoples ignorance thrown in their faces.

Cindy said...


Riot Kitty said...

Thank you, exponentially! I have been too angry to put this into words, but you did it well.

I want to ask, where are all of the bills vetoing funding for vasectomies?

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The Twisted Tine said...

I always find it ridiculous how the US Government and it's Representatives waste so much of its time trying to regulate and push certain types of beliefs and opinions down everyone's throats...

While I've never been in a position of having to pick or not pick abortion, I also believe it's none of my damn business what my neighbor is up to in that respect.

Besides, don't we have other things to worry about, being that we're America and all?

Duffmano said...

This is exactly why I've got that "woman revolution" planned for next month. Old guys in suits that take six hour liquid lunches at Old Ebbit's Grill before stumbling back into Capital building make the laws that we must abide by.
We are the majority so I think the time has come to establish a new kingdom. That Amazon Island that Wonder Woman hailed from sounds like a good place to start..