Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Stuff, Just Not Here

Don't you love these posts where I tell you I have written something fabulous, and then give you a hoop to jump through to read it? I know I do... Really, though, you should click the links, because it really is good stuff!

I am continuing my "infertility acceptance" journey over at Tired and Stuck today. So far it's been filled with bitterness and wine, but I think that could turn around soon...

Also, over at Sprocket Ink I am starting my new "beat" as the news hound with the first ever "story of the week." I think it will help answer the question "why does the media dwell on bad news?"

So, go check those out. I will be back here tomorrow to tell you the harrowing tale of Meg's first ER visit. Don't worry though, it ends with a slushie...



Gina said...

I clicked. Ans somehow, I didn't hear about that story of the week (It might have to do with the fact that when the news is on, I am being forced to watch my 2,547,925th episode of iCarly). So sad that this kind of stuff can happen.