Monday, December 5, 2011


When we had a daughter I knew there would come a time when it would be impossible to get her out of the bathroom. I just thought it would start around the age 12 and would be because she was obsessing over her hair, her skin, and her make-up. I had no idea it would start at age two and a half and be because she is (in her words) trying to be "snuggly warm."

Caught in the act...

We live in an old house. It's drafty. We know that. Winter is a time of undershirts, socks, slippers, and more blankets on the bed. Meg, though, apparently needs a little something extra. Not necessarily because she's cold, but because she doesn't have that "fresh from the dryer" feeling. The only place you can get that feeling in our house? The bathroom.

I mean, I guess you could get it in the dryer, but that would be dangerous.

Our bathroom is especially warm for many reasons. It is the smallest room in the house, with the biggest heat vent. It has stone tile that absorbs heat. Oh, and because we have jerky cats who like to destroy toilet paper, the door is always closed. It creates an atmosphere that could be used for raising chicks -- or Meg.

Now, whenever the heat goes on, we hear Meg's little feet running, and the bathroom door closing. When we go in to find her she is always wrapped in the robes that hang on the back of the door, her back to the vent. She is always "snugly warm."

She has even tried to improve the situation, dragging all of the blankets from her bed with her as she heads in there, or bringing a book or two to keep her occupied. We drew the line at the iPad though, at least for right now. After all, we don't want to spend the whole winter with the entire family in the bathroom.

Although that does sound cozy... And clean.


Anonymous said...

Same deal here (old, drafty house and cold climate). Girl from the East parks herself on a rug in the kitchen, next to the vent (first duct out from the furnace so the most powerful blast of warm air). It drives me nuts as it is right under the microwave oven and between the sink and the refrigerator. She eats her breakfast there, too.

missohkay said...

Cute! We had an extra large vent at the bottom of our stairs when I was a kid. It was great for getting warm and also puffing up your skirt like a princess (or so I thought).

Granny Annie said...

I recently read about all the germs that spray into the air every time the toilet is flushed. Doesn't make for a very healthy cuddle room.

Our family used to fight for a space over the old floor furnace. Not a warmer place in the world.

Anonymous said...

Gives new meaning to never getting time in the bathroom to yourself, doesn't it?

Leslie said...

It should be illegal how cute Meg is. <3

Sam said...

Awww, that is so cute! Even in San Diego, our bathroom is like a meat locker. Forgot to install heat vents in there. Oops!

Anonymous said...

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Three Cats and a Baby said...

That's so funny. We have an old house and our bathroom is the warmest room too.