Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meg and Mary

My child is in love with Mary. Last weekend we went to see "Mary Poppins: the Musical" and she has been smitten ever since.

Oh, except she does call her "Harry Poppins." I'm not going to split hairs though.

Do you love the pearls? She wanted to "dress up."

I really didn't think Meg would even make it through the first act. I had packed my purse with all kinds of books, and crayons, and snacks, and such to try and lengthen the time she would sit in the chair, and figured we would wander the lobby until the show was over when all of that got old.

I hardly had to use any of it. That is how much she loved this show.

Of course, I got out the gummy bears, but mainly because I wanted some. The books though? No interest. Meg was too busy looking down at the picture on the front of her program and then back up at the stage in wonder. The crayons? There were too many colors on the stage to worry about Crayolas.

Every song had Meg bouncing about in her seat like a jack in the box. And at the end of them? She clapped with all of her two year old might. I know she wasn't just clapping or pretending to
listen too, because ever since the show she has been singing the songs non-stop. No, really, I was forced to download the album from iTunes. I am now going Supercalfragacrazy. I kinda miss DJ Lance Rock. Kinda.

Really though, I would do it all again. The look on Meg's face was the best sort of magic. Eyes wide, mouth trying to sing along, body tense to see what happens next. I loved it all.

Well, maybe I wouldn't do it all again.

After all, Ryan hasn't seen it yet.


Amanda said...

I really want to post this on the Broadway in Utah page, but it might be a bit too blue. This is the best review yet.

It was a joy to be part of Meg experiencing the theater.

Jill VT said...

Wow. I'm not sure my three year old would do that well at the THEATER...good for your Meg. Impressive attention span!

Kelly said...

So cute. We have been taking Mea to our local children's theater since she was about Meg's age. She loves the singing and dancing. It is never too early to start getting your kids some culture. She will remember those shows for years to come.

Dunc said...

That is so adorable! And the pearls!

LL Cool Joe said...

Wonderful! My kids adored musicals when they were younger, and still do!

Lovin' the pearls!

Unknown said...

That is a riot but very sweet. Just the beginning of musical for Meg. She is very cute and growing fast.

Anonymous said...

You just became my hero for resurrecting supercalafuckacrazy. Bravo.
Also, I'm a huge fan of Mary P. When we watch this I still get misty eyed with visions of my youth

Elly Lou said...

Squee! Another generation of theater lovahs! I still remember my first show. Oh that wacky fiddler and his roof.

Granny Annie said...

So let us know how that works for you. (Ryan taking her next time.)

Okay you've got a prodigy. Let us know time and place for Meg's stage debut. She just could be hooked after this.

Anonymous said...

Though it does kind of seem that you're on the verge of creating a diva monster! The pearls! :-)