Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Totally Insane Decision

I did want to get another cat.

As I write this it has not even been two weeks since Rita died. After she was gone, Ryan and I sat down and actually talked about getting another cat, because he thought it would be a nice Christmas present, but didn't want to get one if I wasn't on board. I wasn't. After all, Rita's death kind of destroyed me. Not just the death itself, but also everything that led up to it. I won't go into it, but diabetes made Rita la
zier and grosser than I ever could have imagined. Let's just put it this way: Lysol and Murphy's oil soap became my best friends. After that, I was thinking that maybe it was time to move away from cats, and maybe think about getting a new puppy when Meg was four or five and Sally needed a pick me up.

I was resolute. And then came Tuesday.

Meg is cared for during the day by two people: my Dad and a wonderful woman named Hazel. Both live next door to very eccentric older couples. However, while my Dad's neighbors collect lawn ornaments, Hazel's neighbors collect people. Crazy people. When I arrived to pick up Meg on Tuesday, one of the craziest was in the driveway -- with kittens.

Before I describe the kitten that, by now, you know is coming home with me, let me describe the woman who delivered her to me. I am not sure of her name, but I know she has no short term memory due to an accident involving a semi. She has told me about it several times, but, of course, does not remember she has told me before. She lives in a large 1970's circa van packed with junk she picks up on the road, most of it purple or orange. She loves Meg, and despite her memory problems, always remembers her name. Oh, and she cannot resist a living thing in need. She says she doesn't live in a home because she needs to care for her "friends" all over the state. She means people, and animals. And this time she brought one to me.

"Do you want a kitten," she called as I got out of my car.
"No, I want to stay married," I replied. I picked up the kitten anyway. It was cute, but a boy, making it easier to put down. I have never known a boy cat that didn't spray.
"Well, I have two if you know anyone who wants one. One boy, and one girl."
And then she stepped out from under the van. I knew her name instantly: Olive.

I called Ryan and asked him if he would kill me if I brought home a kitten. He said he wouldn't kill me, but he would question my sanity. I said that would make two of us. I took her home anyway.

Olive is definitely not a replacement for Rita. First of all, she is not a bitch. She is in charge, but she cuddles in rather than standing off. She follows everywhere, instead of waiting to be sought out. Also, she LOVES everyone. She lays in Meg's lap and lets her grab her fur -- without complaint. She tries to ride Sally, and suck on her ears. She even tries to cuddle up to our other cat Alice. Oh, and NO ONE cuddles up to Alice. Ryan is even smitten, despite the fact Olive won't stop biting his toes.

Yeah, I didn't want to get another cat. But I am so glad she is here.


LB @Wait, She Said What? said...

People always say, we don't find our furry family members, they find us. It sounds like Olive (love the name) found you. You can never replace a lost fur friend, but make new ones.

Sounds like Olive is making herself right at home. After losing your Rita, kitten cuddles is probably just what you need right now.

Scribing Life said...

I don't think you're insane. You have a lot of love to give and Olive chose you for a reason. You'll never forget Rita. You'll honour her by giving Olive a chance.

Aren't you glad she adopted you?

Chelsie said...

Too adorable! When we went to the animal shelter about two and a half months ago I was adamant that we were looking for a dog...and then we found apollo and it was love at first sight. A good cat is hard to resist, and now I can't imagine life without him.

Anonymous said...

Olive is ADORABLE!!!! And I bet she likes News Hour too!! You can tell! Especially if she lets Meg pull her hair and suck on her ears.

kendall said...

Ah, now I know what stupidity you were referring to. She is pretty darn cute though, so I can see why you had a momentary laps in judgement.

A baby-soon-to-be-toddler and a new have your work cut out for you, kiddo! I have no doubt you're totally up for it ;)

Badass Geek said...

She sounds like a perfect fit. I'm happy.

Aunt Juicebox said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for you! She's almost as cute as Meg. I love the little tan spot there right on her forehead. It seems like it was meant to be.

Kim said...

We have always had multiple animals. There was a time when our first bunch became old and passed away and for a short time I thought that an animal hair free future and clean carpet were within our grasp, but that didn't last. It wasn't long before we accumulated more strays. Eh, whattya gonna do?

Emily-Ione said...


KAM said...

We have a cat named Olive, too. Mea calls her Olla, pretty cute. Olive was also an insane desicion, we had a 4 year old cat that passed away very suddenly, and I was worried that our older cat would be lonely without her. It's so true that your pets pick you.

just making my way said...

That's just excellent. She looks so sweet and I love the name.

erin said...

Olive! That's what I call Olivia, my six year old.

I'm not an animal person, but she looks pretty darn cute.

Chief said...

I am so glad you got another cat. Even the pain in the ass they put us through doesn't erase the fact that they do something for us psychologically! I am glad Sally likes her

calicobebop said...

Oh my goodness, you are making me tear up. What a special little kitty. I'm very glad that you found each other. Sounds like a perfect match!

Julie said...

LOL! check out my post at


Joanna Jenkins said...

That is one cute cat. I can see why she was hard to resist.


AmyMusings said...

Wait! Stop right there! You got a cat from crazy people?

Oh, honey! It's either a really bad idea or a fabulous rescue!

Hopefully no Murphy's Oil soap in your future with Olive.

Anonymous said...

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Belle said...

She's tooo cute!! While not a replacement at all, a new addition can be pretty awesome. :) Enjoy!

The Black*Bird said...

My cat is a total asshole, and i hate him! good luck!
they pet!...
in my case its so true!

Anonymous said...

I used to have a cat named Olive. She was a Lynx and refused to go to the bathroom outside when she was supposed to be living in the Tundra in Canada or somewhere, anyway, congratulations on the new family member!

Mary Anne said...

We had a diabetic cat, so I know where you're coming from with the lysol and murphy's oil soap. (We have a new rug now.) It broke my heart to lose him, but we too ended up with another furry member of the family, and now I can't imagine life without him.

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