Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fresh Hash

Tara has been here since Tuesday, which means I have been doing little else but going to work, helping her sort through stuff, drinking wine, and sleeping. Oh, I have also been battling a migraine, but that's not funny, so you probably don't care. I know I wouldn't. Tonight Tara is down in Utah County visiting her family and dyeing Easter eggs, so I have some time to sit and ramble on-line. So, ramble I will. Let's have some Libby Logic hash, shall we?
  • Yesterday I came into work to discover a co-worker with a new very short haircut. "How's chemo going?" I asked. Turns out he actually has cancer. Not the bad, Lifetime movie of the week, let's have a fun run type, but cancer nonetheless. He had to shave his head to have it removed. Yeah, I'm sensitive.
  • Ryan and I have started looking into adoption, and this week visited our first batch of agencies. I called my Mom after the first one, and she asked how it went. "Great," I replied, "They just have an enormous box of babies under the desk. It's so cute the way they wrestle." She was not amused.
  • We are all very amused by Luke's continued crush on Tara. On Tuesday we stopped by my Mom's house to say hello, and Luke insisted that she watch him on the swing. Then he insisted I pick him up at school the next day. I told him sure, that Tara would be working at the storage shed, so I would have time. "If Tara won't be with you," he said, "Grandma can come get me."
  • Cleaning out Tara's storage unit was one of the most disgusting, dirty things I have ever done. We opened the door to find an enormous dead black widow. Then I walked through the web and it ended up on the toe of my boot. I had to run around in circles shrieking and kicking at air for at least 30 seconds before it came off. Did Tara help? Does laughing count?
  • People in the newsroom love free food, but I have never seen anyone who loves it more than one guy on our crew. Whenever anything is brought in he does what I like to call the "doughnut dance." He takes his first one, and then finds all kinds of reasons just to stand around it. When he thinks no one is looking, he snags another. I think this could be classified as sneaky -- if he wasn't seven feet tall and the most conspicuous person in the world. Really, the only way he could be more noticeable is if he painted himself purple. Of course, then he would get paint on the doughnuts, and no one wants that.
Hmmm. That was delicious. Not bitter at all, like the fact that Megan McCain just landed a six figure book deal, or that Amy Pohler is making bank on an "Office" spin off that sucks. Those are topics for another time though...

Stay tuned tomorrow, as Libby Logic goes on the road. The long, long road of taking Tara's shit to L.A.


Amanda said...

I hereby grant Tara my Flip Video Camera, as this trip needs some serious documentation.